January Mentoring Follow up and Follow through for Assistant/Associate Principals and Deans

Meeting PowerPoint

Slides from the event.

Leadership-life Fit:

Table teams shared strategies they had utilized to attain a better fit. We also created a visual representation of our current leadership-life fit as compared to our preferred leadership-life fit using a wheel of life model. 


Three of our colleagues shared their processes for walk-through, observation, and evaluation. Be sure to check out the resources they shared:

Coaching for Quality Teaching and Learning

Resource Smackdown!

Here's the compilation of the many resources, ranging from apps to journals to books to websites, presented by our leaders!

Achieve the Core
Allows for teachers and leaders to look at the Common Core.  Provides sample assessments questions and benchmark assessments, along with descriptions of the standards.  Sorted by grade level and content app is a to-do list app. Featuring innovative & modern life planning tools.

Best Practice and Research Videos

Short classroom video clips from an independent evaluation, research and consulting firm that reflect best practice and research

Blackboard Connect

Communication software to send mass notifications.


Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument 2013 & Danielson Group site


An online learning environment to build and share interactive video lessons. 


A weekly education chat Sunday night at 8 p.m. on Twitter designed to engage educators from across Iowa (and the country, it turns out) around education topics.


An online tool to guide students and provide interventions.  I have observed our special education teachers using this help with IEP goals and general education teachers using it to provide intervention to students.


A notetaking app that supports you in sending feedback to staff after walk-through.


Simple, easy-to-use resource.


Point PLC implementation Rubric/PLC Implementation Data Collection Tool
We created this implementation rubric with our PLC Facilitators.  We use it as a reflective tool for the PLC facilitators, as well as, a data collection tool for the building leadership team (Administration and Instructional Coach).  The building leadership team is attached to PLCs and meets with each on their weekly PLC cycle.

Prairie Point At-Risk Programing Ideas for 2014-2015 Flyer/Point STOP Group

These two models are in the brainstorm phase at Point.  I am spearheading the process.  One is for our at-risk programing and providing systems of support for our at-risk students.  The STOP is the beginning framework for implementing PBIS.  However, our school has not adopted the framework at this point in time.

The Teaching Channel
I love the video demonstrations of the Core being implemented, and it complements an article about video-integrated professional learning I shared last month in Mentoring Matters to which I can call attention.

Implementing the Mathematical Practice Standards
This is a nice resource to help teachers see how they might operationalize the practice standards. It includes illustrations of conversations between student and teacher around the practice.

Research for Better Teaching
This site offers a number of tools including articles and protocols for improving the teaching and learning in a district. 


Access your bookmarks anywhere with Symbaloo, a free social service.


Source for creating free websites.

Phi Delta Kappan, Educational Leadership, Principal, District Administrator

Legal Vortex:

SAI Legal Services Director Matt Carver facilitated discussion regarding the points of law presented by two scenarios, which are available here.