Mentoring Matters for Superintendents: April

Leadership-life Fit:

Try these 7 Stress Stoppers to help improve your leadership-life fit!

Looking Back to Spring Ahead:

Consider these insights from an experienced superintendent as you reflect on the successes and stumbles of your first year and look to shape your journey in your second year.

Preparing for Change:

The only constant is change.

What change will your organization be gearing up to make? How can you prepare to support this change? The following resources can help you in your efforts to lead change.

The Leading Change Handbook: Concepts and Tools by Jody Spiro, offers a toolkit with six straightforward tools to help practitioners lead change. The tools help you to assess and improve the readiness of participants, build in an “early win,” anticipate and address resistance, engage in collaborative planning, plan for scale and sustainability, and evaluate for ongoing monitoring and course-correction.

Blanchard Observations and Actions - This chart from the work of Ken Blanchard identifies observation of emotional reaction to change and suggested responses from leaders.

Kotter's 8-Step Change Model - From this interactive site, you can link to tools and other resources to help you navigate change in your organization.

Fullan's Change Process - You and your leadership team can engage in these exercises to deepen your understanding of the change process.

April Monthly Checklist: 

These lists are intended as a guide and are likely not all-inclusive! Process in your mentor-mentee team to identify other items that need to be addressed.