Arts Administrator of the Year Award

General Criteria

Following are the general criteria that should be used as a guide in selecting the arts administrator of the year.

1.  Provides features of the school or district under the administrator’s leadership that demonstrate how the arts program

  • is exemplary (i.e., visual arts, dance, music, drama/theatre). 
  • Include answers to the following: How have arts programs in the school or district been expanded or improved as a result of the administrator’s efforts?

2.  How the administrator has been an active advocate for arts education in the school or district.

3.  How the administrator has demonstrated financial commitment to arts programs in his/her school or district.

4.  The individual should show a strong commitment to the profession by active participation in professional activities. Membership in SAI is a prerequisite for this award.

5.  There should be evidence that the individual is respected by his/her colleagues and the community at large.

Award recognition

1. Press releases are sent by SAI to select media at the conclusion of the selection process. An article will also appear in the SAI Report.

2. Nominees will be recognized at their respective SAI District Meetings.

3. The Administrator of the Year will be recognized at the SAI Annual Conference.