Assistant/Associate Principals and Deans Statewide Mentoring Follow up and Follow Through

Learning Community

We engaged in a Success Analysis Protocol to share our highest points of leverage in in developing a culture of learning. 

Creating a Learning Environment: Providing Instructional Leadership

Ms. Tammie McKenzie, assistant principal at Carroll High School, provided resources and insight regarding strategies for effective instructional leadership. Her resources are accessible below:  

Coaching Conversation

Resources to support a structured conversation are available here: 

Panel Discussion: Effective strategies for involving and working with parents

Experienced colleagues shared insights and strategies for engaging parents in their student’s learning journey. We’ve linked to the questions so that you can process further, should you like!

Legal Vortex

Matt offered advice regarding the most recent legal questions in his presentation.

Leadership-Life Fit

Please check in with each other to offer support in your efforts to find and maintain the leadership-life fit that’s best for you! This presentation can serve as a reminder.

  • What down time have you scheduled this week?
  • What energy-zapper have you stopped doing?