Mentoring Matters for Superintendents: November and December 2014

Leadership-life Fit:

Give gratitude, diminish stress. Numerous studies demonstrate the health benefits of practicing gratitude. This Slideshare explains why and how.

Future Ready:

Are you ready to “build human capacity within your schools and district for effectively using increased connectivity and new devices to transform teaching and learning?” Access this toolkit to assess, refine, and implement your district’s best professional learning yet. Plus, find a multitude of other resources from digital funding sources to free digital resources to support your efforts in leading your district’s journey toward Future Ready.

Leading Learning:

What does it look like when principal supervisors are effectively coaching principals? The Center for Educational Leadership at the University of Washington delved into this topic and identified the Attributes of Effective Principal-Supervisor Coaching Sessions available here.

How might you apply these moves to your work with each of your principals focused on their Iowa Individual Administrator Professional Development Plan

How can your mentor use these moves to help you think about your own professional development plan?

Monthly Checklist: 

These lists are intended as a guide and are likely not all-inclusive! Process in your mentor-mentee team to identify other items that need to be addressed.