Mentoring Matters December 2015: Superintendents

Leadership-life Fit:

Pay your sleep debt! Seize the Z’s to improve your leadership-life fit! More sleep=more creativity, better decision-making, more empathy, and better overall health!

Leading Learning – 8 Tips for Navigating Social Media in Schools

Improve communication and celebrate your district’s successes by tapping the power of social media. Access the list here:.

Rehema Ellis on Messaging

Rehema Ellis shared this video at the recent Learning Forward annual conference 2015 as part of her address to exemplify the type of messaging in which our schools need to be engaged. She impressed upon the audience the need to “manage your message.” Keep it student-focused. What are your students doing? “News,” explained Ellis, “is the unexpected.” Your stories are out there. Notice them. What’s the learning your students are jazzed about? Tell the stories in the hearts of your students and staff, enlist others to share in the telling, and use social media. Ellis noted, “If you get a million hits, I am going to look for you!”

Connecting to Resources – District Administration’s 2015 Top Products

Follow this link to see what colleagues around the country have submitted to District Administration magazine regarding what they use to achieve district excellence.

 Leading Learning—Engaging Our Families

Experienced administrator and author of Engage Every Family: Five Simple Principles , Steve Constantino shares a multitude of tools and strategies to connect our families to our schools. From a survey tool to gauge our current levels of engagement to ideas to promote caring, this list will move you quickly to action!

  • Asset Map Possible Components Chart
  • Action Step Chart (Blank)
  • Goal Setting Template (Blank)
  • Community Asset Mapping Made Simple (Directions)
  • Design Thinking Chart
  • Directions for Survey
  • Event Location Chart
  • Fill-in Policy Component Chart
  • Ideas to Promote Caring to Families
  • Policy Chart
  • Present Perception of Culture Chart
  • Procedures and Practices Chart
  • Student Highest Performance Chart
  • Student Lowest Performance Chart
  • Survey Score Calculation
  • The Five Simple Principles Further Defined
  • "We Already Tried That" Quick Tip and the Accompanying Chart
  • Welcoming Environment Chart

Follow this link for access to all of the resources identified above, and then click on ‘Download All Resources’.

Monthly Checklist: 

These lists are intended as a guide—we encourage you to process in your mentor-mentee team to identify other items that may need your attention!