Mentoring Matters for Elementary Principals: December

Leadership-life Fit:

This month’s leadership-life fit continues to address our need to focus. See how focusing our attention in three different ways can build leadership efficacy, according to emotional intelligence guru, Daniel Goleman.

Creating Positive Culture:

Culture speaks to the attitudes, values, and behaviors of the organization. Do the interactions among and between students, staff, and the community reflect a mutual respect and a passion for teaching and learning that bears out your district’s vision and mission? This month’s Principal journal includes 3 key steps to establish a culture of excellence as described by authors Bobbi DePorter and Mark Reardon.

1. Define the attributes of a culture of excellence. As the vision for the culture you desire becomes clearer to all members of the organization, you increase the likelihood of building that culture.

2. Build the culture for consistency. Work systemically to transition your vision to reality. Ensure you have these 4 elemental components:

a. Social Component: Work to align intentions, agreements, and beliefs. Hold high expectations and positive intentions for all members of the organization. Make commitments to building a positive culture, and establish common belief statements.
b. Emotional Component: Create a welcoming, supportive, and safe school environment that feels like home to students and provides them a sense of belonging. Build relationships with all members of the school community.
c.  Physical Component: Ensure inviting spaces that promote collaboration and inquiry.
d. Cognitive Component: Expect all members of the organization to hold high expectations for ALL students and each other.

3. Orchestrate for sustainability. Hold members of the organization accountable to the commitments you’ve made collectively. Provide feedback to staff to support the continued growth of the positive culture. This may mean having difficult conversations. Model the beliefs and interactions you expect from all. Celebrate the growth of your culture by sharing your success through newsletters, emails, tweets, etc.

As you remain strong in your convictions and courage, you will realize a culture of excellence that supports all members of your organization.

DePorter, B., & Reardon, M. (2013). Coordinating positive school culture: Three steps to balance vision and  practice. Principal, 93(2), 8-11.

50 Success Tips for Principals:

A quick read that might offer a nugget or two to inspire your ongoing journey as a leader☺!

Problem-Solving Strategies:

Question stems to process issues you face and help arrive at a solution.

December/January Monthly Checklist:

These lists are intended as a guide and are likely not all-inclusive! Process in your mentor-mentee team to identify other items that need to be addressed.