Early Childhood Education Resources

Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards - The Department of Education designated Early Childhood Consultants (Early Learning Work Team) to develop a set of state standards. The Early Learning Work Team reviewed other state's early childhood program standards and national research regarding program standards and criteria. Based on the research and comprehensive information of the National Association for the Education of Young Children program standards and criteria, the Early Learning Work Team developed state standards based on all 10 of the NAEYC program standards and 45% of the NAEYC program criteria. The Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards, were completed by the spring of 2004. These standards were developed to be used for programs with 3- and 4-year-old children.

Early Childhood Programs & Evaluation from the Harvard Family Research Project - This issue charts the course of early childhood programming and evaluation over nearly half a century. Contributing authors offer a range of views on how best to communicate the importance of investing in a child’s early years and how to improve early childhood programs and policies. Several articles consider the explosion of science—from longitudinal studies to a large-scale demonstration program—that has helped forward our understanding of how young children learn and grow. Finally, a number of articles suggest that better information is needed to close the persistent gap in achievement.