Elementary Statewide Mentoring Follow up and Follow through

Establishing High Expectations

Rationale and Strategies for Establishing High Expectations
This PowerPoint presents the rationale for high expectations and strategies for establishing them. You can link to a video keynote here by John Hattie that offers context around the chart of the top 9 effect sizes. Additionally, here's a document that captures the collaboration of the group to identify other ways in which we can communicate high expectations to several different audiences.

The Brady Bunch
The “Brady Bunch” PowerPoint presentation used to share how different students need different things to get them to the same high expectations.

Teachers' Expectations Can Influence How Students Perform
A National Public Radio broadcast shared by Mark Lane. The audio is just over 8 minutes, and the brief article provides concrete ways for teachers to increase expectations—very much worth your time to read!!

Coaching Conversation

Coaching Conversation Presentation
Conversation Scenarios
ORID Framework
ORID Questions Aligned to Evaluation Process
Structured Conversation
The PowerPoint and handouts to support a structured conversation are provided above. 

Legal Vortex

Legal Presentation 
Matt offered advice regarding the most recent legal questions.

Leadership-Life Fit

Life-Fit Presentation
Please check in with each other to offer support in your efforts to find and maintain the right leadership-life fit!

  • What down time have you scheduled this week?
  • What energy-zapper have you stopped doing?