Measuring and Building the Skills That Matter Most
SAI Office

12/05/2017, 09:00 AM - 12/05/2017, 03:00 PM

Grit, growth mindset, self-control, motivation and resilience – not only do these skills matter for our students and staff, but they are also necessary for us to become true transformational leaders. 

Join us for a highly interactive learning experience where you will engage in experiential activities designed to foster these non-cognitives to enhance leadership excellence. Led by Dr. Brian Davidson, the founder and president of the Intrinsic Institute as well as a researcher and lecturer with the University of Kansas, this workshop will dive into the science of what drives high performance. Discover the “why” behind these important skills for student, educator and leader performance. Leave with a wealth of strategies to support you in helping those you serve be more self-motivated, disciplined, perseverant, able to adjust to change and bounce back from adversity. If you have a genuine desire to elevate human performance in both yourself and those with whom you work, you do not want to miss this experience!