SAI Executive Leaders

The Executive Leaders group was formed to replace City Superintendents of Iowa that voluntarily disbanded in support of creating a new entity. This group is under the auspices of SAI.

Membership is open to any Iowa school superintendent who is an SAI member. Contact the SAI office to join. The purpose of SAI Executive Leaders is to provide strategic leadership for system improvements that will result in quality educational outcomes for Iowa’s youth.
The group was formed in recognition of the unique contributions all superintendents can make to systems improvements and will focus on four strategies:
Strategy 1 – Collective Advocacy
Strategy 2 – Collective Growth
Strategy 3 – Collective Celebrations
Strategy 4 – Collective Partnerships 
There will be at least two meetings annually,  one to occur in late October or early November and the other in late January. A user fee of $50 will be assessed to each superintendent who wishes to be a member to offset meeting costs.  
If you have questions, please contact members of SAI Executive Leaders Steering Committee or SAI staff members.
2018-19 Steering Committee Members:
Chair John Speer, Grant Wood AEA, representing AEA chiefs
Vice Chair Andy Crozier, Central Lee CSD, representing Great Prairie AEA superintendents
Russ Adams,  MOC-Floyd Valley CSD, representing Northwest AEA superintendents 
Dan Cox, Northwest AEA, representing SAI's Executive Committee
Devin Embray, Glenwood CSD, representing Green Hills AEA superintendents
Dirk Halupnik, Southeast Polk CSD, representing UEN superintendents
Pat Hocking, Lisbon and Springville CSDs, representing Grant Wood AEA superintendents
Chris Hoover, Maquoketa CSD, representing Mississippi Bend AEA superintendents
Andy Irwin, Harris-Lake Park CSD, representing Prairie Lakes AEA superintendents
Mike Kruger, Northeast Hamilton CSD, representing 1A school superintendents
Kerri Nelson, Shenandoah CSD, representing 3A school superintendents
Rich Powers, Bondurant-Farrar CSD, representing Heartland AEA superintendents 
Lisa Remy, West Des Moines CSD, representing 4A school superintendents
Kristen Rickey, West Delaware CSD, representing Keystone AEA superintendents  
Amanda Schmidt, West Bend-Mallard and Emmetsburg CSDs, representing 2A school superintendents
Janet Stutz, Grinnell CSD, representing Central Rivers AEA superintendents
SAI Staff:
Roark Horn, SAI executive director
Dana Schon, SAI professional learning director