Expulsion Recommendation

Place text on your school district's letterhead




Parent/Guardian Name


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Dear ________:

The school administration of _________ Community School District is recommending that (student's name) be expelled from our high school:

1. for violation of the rules and regulations of the school district, specifically, for breaking into the school, damaging school property, and stealing (state what he stole from the school), which occurred on (date of incident) after school hours;

2. for past violations of school rules and regulations, specifically, truancy and other attendance problems, insubordination, assault/threatening behavior; (put in what you have in the kid's disciplinary history.)

3. for the student's own safety due to growing intolerance of his behavior by students of the school.

(Here you may wish to reference the page #s of the Student Handbook or Policy # of the Board Policy Manual that the student has violated, and send a copy along with the letter.)

The board of education will meet on Monday, October 19, at __ p.m. in the board office at (address of board office or wherever hearing will be held). This issue will be on the agenda at approximately ___ p.m. The hearing on the recommendation will take place in closed session unless you request an open session.

At this meeting of the school board, you (and/or anyone you choose to represent or assist you, at your own expense) may appear and present whatever information you believe is relevant to the recommendation to expel. You will be given the opportunity to question any witnesses who make statements to the board. You may produce your own witnesses on ____'s behalf. You will be given copies of the written materials that will be shared with the board, such as ____'s disciplinary history. At the close of the hearing, the board will deliberate in closed session and make a decision in open session. Then you will be sent a copy of the board's written decision.

[Optional paragraph:]

Because (student's name) is a student identified as needing special education services, even if the school board decides to expel him, the district will continue to provide educational services to him. The IEP team, of which you are a part, will be responsible to determine an appropriate placement for him for the period of time of his expulsion, should that be the board's decision.

I am enclosing a copy of the school policies and handbook provisions that pertain to this matter, and a Waiver of Hearing form. Should you decide not to be present for the hearing and not send a representative, please complete this form and mail it back to us as soon as possible.

If an attorney will represent (student), we would appreciate being notified of that prior to the

hearing as well.

Should you have any questions, I encourage you to contact me or _______________, the high school principal.







encls. (Handbook/bd. policies re: discipline/expulsion; Waiver of Hearing form)


cc: Board President ______

____________, High School Principal


(This waiver is to be printed on a separate sheet of paper.)





I, _________________________________________, student, and I, _____________


_______________________________, parent or guardian, have read the notice of what

the student is accused and the policies and rules of the school that were allegedly violated. We

realize that we have an opportunity to appear before the school board to hear the evidence and

recommendations of the school administration. We know we have the right to be represented

by counsel, to cross-examine witnesses, and present evidence or witnesses on our own behalf.

Knowing all of this, we wish to waive our right to a hearing and hereby consent that the notice

of the recommendation to expel, along with supporting documentation, be submitted to the

board of directors for consideration and action in our absence. We request a closed session.




Student, Date




Parent/Guardian, Date