Mentoring Matters for Elementary Principals: February

Leadership-life Fit:

Last week, TIME Magazine’s cover story captured “The Mindful Revolution.” As mindfulness sweeps the nation as a means of reducing stress by quieting the mind and tuning in, check your excuses at the door and give these easy meditation exercises a try! You can gain additional insight with a Mindful magazine sampler of the articles that appeared in TIME

Develop your Capacity and that of your Teacher Leaders to Implement the Iowa Core:

Questioning how to design professional learning to get to deeper levels of implementation of Iowa Core? Wondering how to structure adult learning that will yield pedagogical change? Try these resources from Learning Forward to build your school’s capacity for professional learning.

With your professional learning design in place, you’re ready to access these modules from Achieve the Core that are designed to accelerate the implementation of the Core!

Coaching with Confidence:

Leverage your coaching conversations by increasing the quality of your feedback using this straightforward guide.

Also note this protocol from the New Teacher Center to support you in communicating concerns directly.

February/March Monthly Checklist: 

These lists are intended as a guide and are likely not all-inclusive! Process in your mentor-mentee team to identify other items that need to be addressed.