Our district has a beginning administrator and wants to use the SAI program to provide mentoring and induction support. How do I sign up?

Your district is required by § chapter 284A.5 to have a mentoring and induction plan for beginning principals and persons new to the superintendency regardless of whether you have a beginning administrator in any given year. A beginning administrator is defined by law as “an individual … who is assuming a position as a school district principal or superintendent for the first time.” SAI’s program meets these requirements.

If your district intends to name the SAI program in satisfaction of this requirement, you will need to do the following:

  1. Sign and submit the 2018-19 Agreement to SAI. 
  2. If and when you hire a beginning administrator as defined above, complete the online Participant Enrollment. Early enrollment enables the matching process to begin as soon as possible.
  3. Review the Program Description and Participant Expectations with your district’s administrative mentees.

Note: You do not need to secure a mentor for your beginning principal or superintendent; this is part of the service provided by SAI.

What is the district's cost to use the SAI mentoring program?

The district pays $500 per administrator who participates in the program. There is no cost during years when the district uses the SAI program as its mentoring program of record, but does not have a participating new administrator.

Our district wants to use the SAI program to meet the requirements of Chapter 284A, but we do not currently have a beginning administrator. What should we do?

Follow steps 1 & 2 above.

I am a new superintendent and wish to register myself for the SAI program. What should I do?

New superintendents (in their first superintendent position) can enroll themselves for the SAI program by following the steps above.

Who is responsible for finding a mentor for the beginning administrator?

SAI will obtain the mentor for the beginning administrator.

Can my district or the mentee request someone specific to be assigned as a mentor?

SAI will assign mentors based on several factors. We will make every effort to match individuals from similar size schools/districts in geographic proximity and in similar positions. Generally, mentors will be practicing administrators from outside the district. We make it a practice to avoid assigning a mentor who is the formal supervisor of the mentee. Although specific requests are considered, there is no assurance they will be honored.

How will mentees be notified of their mentors?

SAI will send an email message to mentees informing them of their assigned mentor. In addition, mentors will be encouraged to get in touch with the new administrator as soon as possible.