Assistant Principal Mentor-Mentee January 2017 Statewide Meeting Follow up and Follow through

Overall Meeting PPT

Grounding Activity-Contributing to a Learning Culture

“How do you foster positivity and optimism during this time of year?” See ideas and suggestions posted here.

Roundtable Breakouts:

Leading for Tomorrow

Review monthly checklists (elementary / secondary) and keep in mind these additional items:

  • Kindergarten Roundup
  • Child Find
  • Evaluations completed by March 30
  • Calendar Dates for 2017-18
  • Master Schedule and staffing
  • Transition Meetings
  • Negotiations - contract language
  • Parent/Family Visits
  • Summer School
  • Policy/Handbook alignment and updates

Leadership-Life Fit: Values Congruence (handouts copyrighted, not able to post)

Learning Community

Success Analysis Protocol

Legal Scenarios