Leaders Eat Last Book Study

Use this ready-made book study and accompanying activities with your leadership team this year!

Part 1: Our Need to Feel Safe
Part 2: Powerful Forces
Part 3: Reality
Part 4: How We Got Here
Part 5: The Abstract Challenge
Part 6: Destructive Abundance
Part 7: A Society of Addicts
Part 8: Becoming a Leader
Tools and Protocols

Simon Sinek's SAI Annual Conference keynote

SAI Member follow-up Q&A with Simon Sinek

An additional keynote presentation to share with your team

An interview with Simon Sinek on CBS This Morning

Additional resources to provide context for your discussions

  • SUCCESS magazine article offers a quick overview of the five tenets of Sinek's leadership vision.
  • The Fast Track interview with Simon Sinek addressing what most people get wrong about leadership and the most important qualities of leaders.