Mentoring and Induction Information for Superintendents

Will you be welcoming new administrators in 2019-20? SAI has two opportunities to help ensure new administrators have the support they need for a successful first year. The first is the SAI Mentoring and Induction Program, the second is New Administrators Institutes. 

Mentoring and Induction Program 

Your district is required by § chapter 284A.5 to have a mentoring and induction plan for beginning principals and persons new to the superintendency regardless of whether you have a beginning administrator in any given year. A beginning administrator is defined by law as “an individual … who is assuming a position as a school district principal or superintendent for the first time.” SAI’s program meets these requirements.  

If your district intends to name the SAI program to satisfy this requirement, you will need to do the following: 

  1. Sign and submit to SAI the Agreement. Maintain a copy for your district files.  
  2. If and when you hire a beginning administrator as defined above, enroll him or her for the program. Early enrollment enables the mentor matching process to begin as soon as possible. 
  3. Review the Program Description and Participant Expectations with your district’s beginning administrator/s. 

Note: You do not need to secure a mentor for your beginning administrator; this is part of the service provided by SAI.  

New Administrators Institutes 

These one-day events are available to administrators who are beginning the first year in their position, whether brand new or transitioning to a different role. All institutes are held at the SAI office in Clive.  

Audience  Date
Superintendents  July 15, 2019 
Elementary Principals  July 17, 2019
Middle and High School Principals  July 18, 2019 
Assistant/Associate Principals & Deans  July 23, 2019 

The New Administrators Institutes will address topics relevant to each job-alike group, including but not limited to leadership for learning, navigating the first 90 days, critical dates and deadlines, how to establish a learning culture and must-know legal tips. Each session will include presentations by respected Iowa administrators and opportunities to network with colleagues. SAI partners with IASB to co-facilitate the Institute for new superintendents. 

Registration for the July Institutes is separate from the Mentoring Program enrollment. 

If you have questions or need additional information about these opportunities, please contact SAI Professional Learning Director Dana Schon, Program Coordinator Amy Swanson or Executive Director Roark Horn. Together we can help administrators in new positions experience success during this critical time in their career.