Middle School/Junior High Principal's Role

Experience: The minimum is three years of teaching experience, preferably at the secondary (grade 7-12) level. Any administrative experience you can offer is highly desirable as well.

Education: A master’s degree in secondary or PK-12 administration is the minimum requirement. Any additional graduate or doctorate work is desirable as well.

Typical Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all students have adequate and appropriate opportunities to meet high standards.
  • Engage the community to create shared responsibility for student and school success.
  • Stay current on educational research and engage staff in discussions of latest research and practices.
  • Design school improvement strategies.
  • Broker professional development consistent with improvement strategy.
  • Recruit and evaluate teachers, certified and classified staff.
  • Involve staff in design and implementation of decisions and policies.
  • Allocate school resources toward instruction.
  • Motivate and inspire staff.
  • Buffer non-instructional issues from teachers.
  • Organize and supervise programs, staff and facilities.
  • Communicate school news to community.
  • Serve as liaison between staff, students, parents and community.
  • Lead school philosophy, curriculum, teaching strategies and vision.
  • Interpret and utilize test data.
  • Create schedules for faculty and students.
  • Administer safety and health procedures.
  • Establish and enforce rules and regulations.
  • Administer policies pertaining to student welfare and conduct.
  • Develop budget.
  • Maintain records and reports.
  • Monitor co-curricular activities.

Additional Resources

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