Middle Level and Secondary Statewide Mentoring Follow up and Follow through

Learning Community

We engaged in a Success Analysis Protocol to share our highest points of leverage in deepening our implementation of PLCs. Participants posted their points here. We did experience technical difficulty and would encourage you to post your practice if you have not yet!

Coaching Conversation

The PowerPoint and handouts to support a structured conversation are available below:

Establishing High Expectations

Thanks again to our panelists for sharing their thinking around establishing high expectations for ALL learners in our buildings. Several of you had asked for their contact information—they graciously agreed and welcome any questions! 

Mr. Brad Fox, Middle School principal-Clear Creek Amana,, 319-545-4490

Mr. Justin Gross, High School principal-Nevada,, 515-382-3521

Ms. Becky Hacker-Kluver, Middle School principal-Webster City,, 515-832-9220

Interestingly, on Monday morning, National Public Radio broadcast a conversation around teachers' expectations and student performance. The audio is just over 8 minutes, and the brief article provides concrete ways for teachers to increase expectations—very much worth your time to read!! Teachers' Expectations Can Influence How Students Perform.

Legal Vortex

Matt offered advice regarding the most recent legal questions here.

Leadership-Life Fit

Here's my presentation. Please check in with each other to offer support in your efforts to find and maintain the leadership-life fit that’s best for you! 

  • What down time have you scheduled this week?
  • What energy-zapper have you stopped doing?