Administrator Support Program 1.0 and the newly added 2.0: Coaching principals to support teacher leadership


Principals: take your leadership to the next level with this comprehensive, year-long professional development program. It will build your capacity to develop and facilitate distributed leadership in your school that aligns to the values and TLC purpose within your district.

1.0 Program features
Qualifications - If you have a year or more of experience, a willingness to work collaboratively with a coach to identify areas of strength and growth, and a desire for feedback regarding your leadership practices, then ASP 1.0 is for you! This program is not designed to satisfy principal mentoring requirements or to serve as a remediation process.

Summer Institute June 26-27 - Jump in with this Institute where you will revisit the purpose of your district’s TLC program, clarify the teacher leader roles in your building, establish school improvement and leadership goals, and plan backward to know what steps you’ll take on day one to advance your school improvement plan. (Attendance is required.)

Three half-day regional workshops for the principal and identified leadership team members - Engage with your leadership team and others in the program to collaborate and learn together. Build relevant content knowledge in order to practice necessary skills in teaming, leadership, and communication within and outside of your team. Reflect on the progress of your plan, celebrate benchmarks and make decisions around interventions where necessary.

One-to-one coaching - Access 30 hours of individualized support from your coach to assist you in implementing your improvement plan. Your coach will facilitate context-specific and job-embedded leadership support aimed at transforming and deepening your leadership behaviors. Coaching will be grounded in the Leadership Academy Performance Practice Worksheet and your Individual Administrator Professional Development Plan goals that are aligned to your school’s improvement goals. 

2.0 Program features
Qualifications - If you have completed the Administrator Support Program and are looking to continue to grow your leadership, then Program 2.0 has what you need!

Three half-day workshops - Engage once again with your leadership team and others in the program to collaborate and learn together. Revisit the roles, responsibilities and purpose of each teacher leader position; learn strategies to improve team effectiveness; and revisit your school improvement goals and plans with a lens on the Iowa Professional Development Model. 

One-to-one coaching - Access 20 hours of individualized support from your coach to assist you in implementing your school improvement plan. Your coach will continue to facilitate context-specific and job-embedded leadership support aimed at transforming and deepening your leadership behaviors as was begun in the first year of ASP participation.

Principals enrolled in the 1.0 program are eligible for 2 licensure renewal credits upon attending the required two-day Summer Institute, three half-day workshops and receiving 30 hours of coaching.

Principals enrolled in the 2.0 program are eligible for 1 licensure renewal credit upon attending the required three half-day workshops and receiving 20 hours of coaching.

Cost to participate in the 1.0 program is $1,500 for SAI members, $3,000 for non-members. The charge for SAI member participants in the 2.0 program is $1,000; for non-members, it’s $2,000.

School districts may use TLC funds to pay for the principal’s registration fee. HF 215, subsection 12d. states that funds may be used for “other costs associated with the framework or comparable system approved by the department of education under section 284.15 with the goals of improving instruction and elevating the quality of teaching and student learning.”

Space is limited and registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Deadline to apply is April 15, 2018, or until filled. Registration is available for 1.0 and 2.0. Contact Roark Horn with questions.

Hear from current 1.0 participants
”The TLC Administrator Support Program has been a very worthwhile opportunity that I would recommend to any building principal. The program provides ongoing professional learning in collective leadership, the TLC Framework for Support and leadership performance standards. The building leadership team work sessions and 1:1 coaching opportunities clarify vision and goals for your building, keep identified priorities at the forefront and support the implementation of school improvement efforts.”
~ Jess Burger, principal, Hoover Elementary, West Branch

”The Administrator Support Program has indeed been a blessing. As a fifth year principal, I was experienced enough to know the widespread goals and objectives of the leadership role; however, unable to effectively communicate my management of them. The ASP allows for collaboration with other school leaders, in school leadership teams, and provides an SAI Administrator Coach. This year, my sixth as a principal, has been the most rewarding and effective because of the direction this program guided me. I know our schools and most importantly our students will reap the benefits by having strong leadership. The ASP encourages and empowers administrators to become the school leaders Iowa needs. I would recommend it to any and all administrators to participate.” 
~ Carrie Thonstad, principal, West Sioux Elementary

”The information and support from my coach through the Administrator Support Program has opened my eyes on how to better our school. We work together to break down how our school currently works and break down every position within the school. Then we put a plan in motion to make our school better. The best resource is having my coach available to me at anytime to answer questions that may arise.” 
~ Pat Rial, principal, B.R. Miller Middle School, Marshalltown

”My experience in the Administrator Support Program has been fabulous for a number of reasons. First, I was not very knowledgeable about the Teacher Leadership Compensation plan for my district. I have learned about the district plan and have had an opportunity to learn from others about their plans. Second, I have reflected on my own leadership abilities and how my collaboration with teacher leaders can improve all aspects of the school: learning, culture, collaboration. Finally, I have developed a professional relationship with an experienced administrator/mentor who has guided me in decision-making that has effectively improved the use of teacher leadership to move school goals forward and created shared ownership in school improvement. The benefits of my monthly meeting with ASP staff has been as a mentor and a resource to stay the course in school improvement.” 
~ Jacque Wyant, Ed.S., principal, Marshalltown High School