CatchLife: Addressing the Demands of School Leadership


SAI is pleased and excited to announce our new CatchLife initiative, a program designed to help Iowa’s educational leaders address the demands of their work by developing and utilizing methods that will help keep them operating at their peak physical and mental capacity. 

The three-step approach will include
1) helping school leaders to recognize how the stress of their work impacts their overall wellness, while at the same time providing them with skills, techniques, and professional communities to deal with that stress; 
2) educating constituent groups, such as school boards, about the work of school leaders and soliciting their encouragement to help assure their leaders have the support and resources they need to become and stay healthy, and 
3) finding solutions to the excessive workload that most school leaders are expected to do so that they can focus on those things that really can have a positive impact on their staffs and students.  

The wellness facet of the program is available to SAI members who choose to sign up. Those members will have the unique opportunity to connect with other Iowa educational administrators in pursuit of the shared purpose of improving their overall health and well-being. Through a personalized and team-based approach, CatchLife offers tools and strategies to increase administrators’ overall fitness while establishing a network of support. 

Components of the wellness facet of the program are aerobic activity, muscle strength/endurance, flexibility, sleep, nutrition and well-being/resilience. Participants purchase a fitness tracker device at a deep discount negotiated by SAI that will pair with fitness activity and nutrition data, weekly team encouragement, and nutrition, exercise, motivational and stress reduction suggestions.

Learn more and sign up today by visiting the CatchLife page.