It's Hiring Season: Reap the Benefits of Reviewing Your Practices


As you lay the groundwork for hiring new faculty and staff this year, here are some resources and ideas to consider.

Ask the Right Interview Questions

A recent article appeared in the Higher Education Chronicle titled, “We Need a New Interview Script: Why Do We Keep Asking Questions That Yield Little But Vague, Canned Answers?” It speaks to the wasted time spent asking questions that are

  1. canned;
  2. impersonal;
  3. have two parts; and
  4. have no good answers. 

So, think carefully about the process you’re using when you hire teachers. It’s much better to ask, “Tell us a time when,” questions than “What would you do if?” Past behavior predicts future behavior.  

Additional Resources

Dr. Bonnie Boothroy and Dr. Troyce Fisher have recorded a webinar on best practices for hiring. Access the recording and companion materials.