Ken Hayes and Chad Shook to Represent Iowa on the National Level


Ken Hayes, associate principal at Marshalltown High School, and Chad Shook, Lawton-Bronson Elementary School principal, will serve SAI at the national level beginning July 1, 2016.

Hayes was selected by the SAI Executive Committee to serve as NASSP State Coordinator ending in 2019 and Shook was approved to serve an additional three-year term as NAESP State Representative.

The role of the NASSP State Coordinator is to 1. Promote NASSP’s advocacy agenda and highlight the achievements of NASSP’s grassroots advocacy efforts in the states; 2. Serve on the NASSP Board of Nominators; and 3. Encourage participation in NASSP programs and activities.

NAESP State Reps serve as liaisons between NAESP and their state associations. In addition to coordinating NAESP membership campaigns within their respective states, the NAESP State Reps deliver regular NAESP updates to the state associations’ Executive Directors, Board of Directors, and key staff.

Hayes has served as associate principal at Marshalltown since 2004. He will become the principal at Fort Dodge High School this fall. He began his career in education as a business/computer teacher and technology coordinator at North Cedar Middle-High School.

Lawton-Bronson Elementary School has been home to Shook since 2004. He was previously principal at Boyer Valley Elementary. His career in education began as a fourth grade teacher at Westwood Elementary.

SAI appreciates the commitment of members who are willing to devote their time and expertise to represent their state association.