Legislative Committee begins to identify priorities


Members of the SAI Legislative Committee met August 8 during the Annual Conference for the first time in the 2018-19 school year. A recap of the 2018 session was provided, along with highlights of both successes and disappointments. The committee discussed a number of areas and issues as they begin to formulate SAI’s 2019 legislative session priorities.

As the 2019 legislative priorities are developed it seems obvious a focus will continue on removing the sunset or extending SAVE; transportation and per-pupil equity will again be at the forefront; and of course, supplemental state aid. There was a great deal of conversation around SSA and the dire straights many districts are facing without an increase for FY20. Teacher shortages and the increasing difficulty many districts are facing in filling openings was a universal concern of the committee, and of many administrators at the Annual Conference. We’ll look to the legislative committee and member input as SAI prepares for 2019 to add to, delete or revise the list. SAI’s legislative priorities need to truly represent what membership in the field believes should be our focus.

Reach out to SAI Government Relations Director Dave Wilkerson with any thoughts or concerns you may have.