New Research Highlights Increased Demands of the Principalship Due to Crises of 2020-21


In three briefs released by NAESP and the NAESP Foundation, principals

  • recount how their schools changed in 2020–21, speculate about which changes might endure, and identify new challenges associated with the changes;
  • describe how the events of 2020–21 shaped the priorities of their profession and what the principalship may look like in the future; and
  • specify what their schools need from policymakers as they continue to grapple with the effects and aftershocks of the events of 2020 and early 2021.

About the research

NAESP and the NAESP Foundation asked the American Institutes for Research to conduct focus groups of NAESP members between April and June 2021. The findings from the 36 focus groups with a geographically representative sample of 188 principals are included in a series of three briefs to be made available here.