Proposal for new state standards for Iowa’s school leaders moving forward


In the next phase of the shift to new standards for Iowa’s school leaders, the proposed Rules change was brought before the Administrative Rules Review Committee on September 8. Roark Horn and Dana Schon were present to respond to any questions of which there were none. On September 15, Roark Horn presented an overview at the public hearing. No additional comments or questions were raised, and we anticipate the new standards will be adopted at the State Board meeting November 18 with an effective date of July 1, 2021.

Meanwhile, the standards work team representing different levels and areas of the state and including colleagues from IASB and two of our administrator preparation programs will continue to meet during the school year to finalize resources and tools (all optional) to support implementation of the new standards. Most of these resources can be found at this site, which is a work in progress.