SAI CatchLife 30-day Challenge—Improve your overall health and well-being


As you enter the new school year, you’re encouraged to reconnect, renew and rethink using SAI’s CatchLife 30-day Challenge. You’ve heard SAI champion the importance of investing in yourself to better invest in those you serve. Do just that with one of five upcoming 30-day Challenges for 2021-22. Once you complete a 30-day Challenge at the 1.0 level, you may enter the 2.0 program (a 30-day continuation of the 1.0 program).

It’s time to:

Reconnect. Join SAI colleagues in the program for regular encouragement and support and friendly competition.
Renew. Focus on your social-emotional health and physical well-being with this program.
Rethink. Make small, manageable changes in your health and well-being using the program’s five focus areas of

  • hydration,
  • physical activity,
  • nutrition,
  • leadership, and
  • sleep 

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