SAI launches Leadership Coaching Program


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Email Template:

SUBJECT LINE: [Insert your supervisor’s name here], I'd like to Participate in the SAI Leadership Coaching Program

Hi [Insert your supervisor’s name here],

I'd like to participate in SAI’s Leadership Coaching Program.

SAI’s program is focused on helping me achieve my goals through a one-to-one partnership with my coach. SAI coaches are trained through a program certified by the International Coaching Federation, the most recognized credentialing program in the world  — the Gold Standard for coaching. 

Participating will enhance my leadership skills, support me in amplifying my impact, and help me to foster sustainable change within my building/district while accelerating my progress toward my goals:

Goal 1: Explain how

Goal 2: Explain how

Goal 3: Explain how

I have several packages from which to choose — each session is approximately 50-60 minutes and scheduled every 2-3 weeks:

6 sessions - $1,500

12 sessions - $2,800 ($200 discount)

18 sessions - $4,100 ($400 discount)

You can learn more about the program through this flyer.

With your permission, I’d like to participate. 

Thank you for your consideration.

[Insert Your Name Here]