I have good news and bad news regarding the President’s FY15 Budget proposal. Which one do you want to hear first? All right, we’ll start with the good news. First of all the budget adheres to the agreement reached by Congress this past December which restores most, but not all, of the Sequester cuts. The President’s budget actually goes $56 billion past the Bipartisan Budget Act, an increase that is included as a separate proposal and split evenly between defense and non-defense spending, to be funded through a combination of spending cuts and closed tax loopholes. Read more »


Kim Tierney, principal of Denver Elementary School in the Denver Community School District, has been named the 2014 Iowa Elementary Principal of the Year by the School Administrators of Iowa. Read more »


While AASA’s advocacy is focused on federal education policy, AASA members have increasingly requested information on state-level trends and issues. State legislatures are, of late, where all the action is, a reality attributable as much to the dysfunction of the current Congress as it is to increasingly coordinated efforts to move legislation that threatens public education. AASA’s advocacy team is already making progress on this work, and I want to highlight their most recent analysis of state-level education issues, starting with the 2014 State of the State addresses and the upcoming 2014 gubernatorial elections. Read more »