The DE has provided a summary of changes for education as a result of the 2013 legislative session. Links to the corresponding bill language are also provided in this annual guidance letter. Read more »


SAI Government Relations Director Tom Narak, IASB Lobbyist Emily Piper, and IASB Advocacy Director Mary Gannon hosted a June 13 webinar to explain the recent education and tax reform legislation. Read more »


On June 5, the Iowa Department of Education received a petition for rule making relating to the school start date. A proposal has been offered to define the phrase "significant negative educational impact" which is used by the DE when granting waivers. Read more »


SAI's mentoring and induction program can help your district meet the requirements of § chapter 284A.5. Each district is required to have a mentoring and induction plan for beginning principals and persons new to the superintendency regardless of whether you have a beginning administrator in any given year. Read more »