Washington, D.C., is in a bit of a funk. As the 114th Congress draws to a close, Congress is set to leave town in a few days without fully completing its federal budgeting process (yet again). There is a sense of bewilderment by lobbyists, congressional and agency staff and even members of Congress about what kind of political environment they will face when they return in January. Read more »


This month’s Advocate provides a quick overview of where AASA stands and what it will mean for federal education policy decisions. Read more »


A new addition to AASA’s active lobbying portfolio is the Environmental Protection Agency and other facility-related issues. One recent issue regards fluorescent light ballasts containing Polychlorinated Biphenyls. This is a carcinogenic chemical that was used until 1979 as a fire retardant in light ballasts and has mostly been removed through routine maintenance and upgrades. Read more »