A superintendent’s tenure is often tested, however unrealistically, by whether or not he or she can demonstrate that, even given fewer resources, more students are learning at higher rates, and dollars are being used more efficiently than in the past. But, even with the cleverest of finance directors, superintendents and pupil service directors can be stymied in their efforts by federal policy barriers. The best example of this roadblock is the maintenance of effort provisions found in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Read more »


When it comes to federal appropriations, the reputation of the U.S. Congress leaves much to be desired. While the nation’s public school superintendents run balanced, on-time budgets, the last time Congress completed the full appropriations process on time (meaning 12 appropriations bills reviewed and adopted before the October 1 start of the federal fiscal year) was 1994. That means children born in the year that Congress last completed its appropriations work on time are now old enough to drink. Read more »


Veta Thode, curriculum director for the Washington Community School District, has been named the 2015 Iowa Central Office Administrator of the Year by the School Administrators of Iowa. Read more »