There’s a growing understanding that big changes are going to be needed in education for Iowa students to be successful learners, earners and citizens in the 21st century. “It’s not just the rest of the nation that Iowa’s kids have to compete with now. It’s the rest of the world,” said Iowa’s director of education, Dr. Jason Glass. Read more »


If you weren't available to "Ask Matt" about the subject at hand during his monthly webinars, you can still take advantage of the learning. Read more »


By using Google Forms, schools would be able to easily review post-graduate data and then have access to data for review. This would also allow current students access to recent graduates who have entered college or the world of work. Read more »


Many Iowa administrators have had the opportunity to hear Tony Wagner speak at various conferences during which he urges the educational community to look at how well we’re preparing our students for 21st century skills; and ask our most recent graduates for their perspectives on that issue. Read more »