Part 1: Our Need to Feel Safe

  • Chapter 1-Protection from Above

  • Chapter 2-Employees Are People Too

  • Chapter 3-Belonging

  • Chapter 4-Yeah, but …

Double-entry Reflective Journal:

To process this section, you will use a double-entry reflection journal. This strategy invites the reader to identify text selections s/he finds important and to comment on them. When your book study team meets, you will have opportunity to reflect on each other's quotes and reflections.

Personalizing the Double-entry Google Sheet:

  1. Open the spreadsheet by clicking on this link. 
  2. Under the File tab at the top of the page, select 'Make a copy...'
  3. Rename your copy. 
  4. Click 'Share' and give editing privileges to participants in your book study or to anyone with the link, whichever you prefer.
  5. Assign each participant a number or replace the sheet labels with names of your book study participants. (Note if you have more than 10 participants, you will need to copy a sheet and rename it 'Participant #11', etc.).

Engaging in the Reading of Part 1:

  1. Read pages 3-32.
  2. Select a quote from each chapter that resonates strongly with you. 
  3. Participants then click on their respective tab (Again, they can edit the label of the sheet to be their own name).
  4. Type each of the four quotes into one of the green boxes in column A.
  5. Include the page number in column B.
  6. In column C, the blue column, reflect on the insights, comments, and/or questions the quote sparked.

Interacting with Your Study Team Members

Once everyone has completed the reading and their journaling, you can click on each other's tabs and then reflect and respond to each other's thinking using the yellow column, Column D, to record.