Part 7: A Society of Addicts

  • Chapter 22-At the Center of All of Our Problems Is Us

  • Chapter 23-At Any Expense

  • Chapter 24-The Abstract Generation

Reflect on the following questions. If you prefer, you can include these in a knowledge café conversation (refer to Part 6 for tools).

 “Leadership is about taking responsibility for lives and not numbers” (p. 183).

  1. What does this mean for our work as educational leaders? What are the challenges in navigating the numbers and honoring the lives?
  2. Do you agree with Sinek’s assessment that the perception of Generation Y as having a sense of entitlement is misunderstood—that they really are just impatient (p. 196)?
  3. What implications exist for your leadership in your schools if people really are developing an addition to distraction? 
  4. Review the last half of page 199 and page 200, how are you developing grit in others? How have you avoided giving a little bit of yourself to a large number of things? Why is this so challenging?