2018 Annual Conference Handouts/Resources

Wed., Aug. 8

Adversity and the Brain

Breaking With Tradition: The Shift to Competency Based Learning in PLCs at Work - slides

Changing the Narrative - slides

It's all about Implementation: The Role of Collective Efficacy - handout

Leaders Disrupting Poverty - PPT, workbook, article  

Thurs., Aug. 9

A Journey to Collective Capacity - handouts

Change Management and Continuous Improvement in Education - slides

Connections: Critical Leadership Component in Iowa - shared document

Current Legal Issues: Implications for Leaders - slides

Innovation: A Blended Secondary Approach

Leveraging TLC to Grow District Initiatives - PPT

Open Educational Resources - slides

Schoolwide Behavior Collaboration - resources

Using Evidence-based Practices to Engage Families - handout

2017 Annual Conference Handouts/Resources

Wed., Aug. 2

Exhibitor Listing

Creating an SEL School

Engaging Stakeholders to Sustain School Change

Equity Literacy/Reaching & Teaching Students in Poverty - Paul Gorski and Katy Swalwell

Organizing Parents toward Meaningful Action

Starting a Movement: Building a Culture from the Inside Out - Ken Williams

Thurs., Aug. 3

Current Legal Issues

Effective Interventions: Thinking Outside the Box

Google Apps for Walk-Thrus

IPERS Today & In the Future

Mentoring and Induction of New Teachers

Mindfulness Made Simple

Solving Ethical Dilemmas through Professional Development


2016 Annual Conference Handouts/Resources

Wed., Aug. 3

Exhibitor Listing

Erik Wahl

Trudy Arriaga


Celebration of Leadership

Culture is Contagious

Peter DeWitt

Steven Fink and Max Silverman

Living a Skinny School Improvement Plan

Casey Reason

Telling Your District's Story: Effective Communication Practices

Ryan Wise

Allison Zmuda

Thurs., Aug. 4

Anese Cavanaugh

Class Can Be Fun

Current Legal Issues

Differentiated Accountability

Leveraging Collaboration: Structures and Schedules that Work in Secondary (7-12) Settings

Maximizing Sharing to Maximize Student Opportunity

Media Millennials: Employment and Ethics for a New Generation

Most Likely to Succeed

Our Standards-Based Learning Journey

Professional Learning Times Three

Update on IPERS

While you're in Des Moines …

2015 Annual Conference Handouts/Resources

2015 Exhibitors list

Tues., Aug. 4

Amanda Easton 

Wed., Aug. 5

Simon Sinek

Sandra Alberti

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement by Leveraging Teacher Leadership

IPERS with Darla Iverson and David Martin

Steven T. Anderson

John D'Auria

Melinda Mangin

Passion, Humor and Hope

Thurs., Aug. 6

AIW: Let the Learning Begin!

Simon T. Bailey

Matt Carver

Continuous Improvement: Our Foundation for Success 

Cyber Traps, Ethics, and What to Expect When You’re Defending

Early Literacy Screeners Administered, Now What?

How Iowa School District Leaders Advance Equity and Cultural Proficiency

Waukee's APEX - Aspiring Professionals Experience

2014 SAI Annual Conference Handouts/Resources

List of 2014 Exhibitors

Wed., Aug. 6

Brad Buck

Kathleen Cushman

Tim Westerberg

Empowering Teachers to be Instructional Leaders, Van Meter CSD

Recognizing Effective Technology Integration

School Improvement Starts with School Culture, Cardinal CSD

Special Education: Moving from Compliance to Results

Sustaining Support of New Teachers, College CSD

The Truth About IPERS: Strong, Healthy & Important to Iowa 

Troubleshooting Our Digital Leadership

Thurs., Aug. 7

Assessment for Learning through the use of Proficiency Scales

Ethics, Evaluations, and Legislation: Trending Topics for School Administrators

Matt Carver

MTSS – FAST – Early Literacy

The Peer Review Process:  Making it Meaningful and Purposeful

The Trust Edge: What Top Leaders Have and Eight Pillars to Build it Yourself

Two Roads Diverged: A Path Toward Personalized Learning

Utilizing AEA K-12 Online Resources to Deliver Blended Learning

2013 SAI Annual Conference Handouts

Wed., Aug. 7


Upcoming GASB changes

Karin Chenoweth

Getting It Done: Leading Academic Success in Unexpected Schools

Wade Leuwerke

Integrating Noncognitive Skills with College and Career Readiness: Equipping Students with Tools to Succeed

Eric Sheninger

Leadership 3.0

Personal Learning Networks

Promising Practices Exchange

Daveloping a Culture of Excellence

Right Intervention, Right Student, Right Time handout, PPT and Data Wall Assessment Example

Transforming Your Teacher Librarian into a LEADER

Thurs., Aug. 8

Board of Educational Examiners

Management of Ethics Violations and Professional Practice Concerns
BoEE Complaint Resolution Process

Angela Maiers

Smackdown resources


Information to spark your interest

Promising Practices Exchange

Creative Collaborations Among Districts

Defying the Odds: Using Data to Improve Student Performance

From Telling to Questioning: The Science Writing Heuristic

Matt Carver

Current Legal Issues: Implications for Leaders

John Draper

Crucial Conversations About America's Schools

District Ideas for Maximizing John Draper's Presentation

2012 SAI Annual Conference Handouts

Matt Carver's Legal Update

PPT slides

Kristin Fontichiaro: Is Our Students' Work Rigorous? How Do We Know?


Kristin Fonticharo: Nudging Toward Inquiry Practice


Jason Glass Message from Aug. 8

Prezi link

Jeffrey Erickson: Tackling the Third Rail in Education: Grading


Jon Gordon: The Power of a Positive and Purposeful Educator 

Top Three Ideas to Implement, sign up for Jon's newsletter

Joseph Murphy: Understanding and Using the Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership in Education [VAL-ED] to Evaluate Principals

Assessing Learning-Centered Leadership

Joseph Murphy: Executive Leaders Session

Principal Evaluation

Ronda Onken: IPERS Update

IPERS Overview and Benefit Options

Daniel Venables: Developing Social Capital with Authentic PLCs

Bruce Wellman: Leading Groups: Effective Strategies for Building Professional Capacity


Promising Practices Exchanges

Cedar Rapids CSD and Grant Wood AEA: Preventing the Achivement Gap: Teaching Critical Emergent Literacy Skills 

Preventing the Achievement Gap

Des Moines CSD and William Penn University: Professional Development: Critical Conversations to Address the Implementation Gap to Close the Achievement Gap

Presentation PPT

Iowa Department of Education: General Information regarding Authentic Intellectual Work

J.B. Young Intermediate, Davenport: Data Teams - Our Collaborative Process

Presentation PPT

Lewis Central CSD: Building a Conceptual Learning Framework

Journey with Concept-based Instruction and Creating "Thinking Classrooms"

Sioux Center CSD: Authentic Intellectual Work Effective Professional Development

Solon High School: More than a Computer: Feedback, Assessment and Simulations Session

Competency Education and Teacher-Built Sims

Webster City CSD: Professional Learning Communities: One District's Journey

Professional Learning Communities: A Framework to Focus on Student Learning