16-week Challenge - Getting Started and Making the Most of the Program

Set Up Your Watch

  • If you have not yet been able to sync your watch or are having difficulty, this video will help you set up your account and the Polar Flow app to connect to your watch 
  • If you have further difficulties, follow these troubleshooting steps to problem-solve the issue

SAI CatchLife Overview

View this video to understand the rationale behind the program

SAI CatchLife Goals

Take a look at the program goals as they pertain to the A370 fitness tracker: 

  • 150 minutes of (moderate to vigorous) training a week
  • 80 percent of training time in your identified zone to improve cardiovascular endurance
  • Sleep (average 7 hours per night)
  • Percent activity goal (3 out of 7 days)
  • Average 1 or fewer inactivity stamps per day (7 in a week)

Your Polar Flow Account

Profile and Settings - highlights easy-to-follow and critical steps to set up your account to capture accurate data for you and your coach during the SAI CatchLife program. It’s important to create the correct "profile" and "settings" for each participant. Each person will need to take time to walk through each step one by one (e.g., Saturday start, level selection, privacy settings, etc.) 

Sports Program - shows how to set up sports profiles for your use. Watching this video is critical to know how to set up your heart rate zones correctly, and for understanding the value of setting your watch to show a percentage of heart rate vs. beats per minute. It also explains training zones and goals of training with heart rate, such as 2:30 of training each week with 80 percent of the time at an intensity of the blue zone and above. 

Flow Diary - provides a snapshot of your exercise on a monthly basis, including daily percent of goal achieved, intensity and an explanation of the relationship between calories burned and training mode. 

Progress Tab - focuses on the goals for the SAI CatchLife program and how to glean your information from it. This can be done by week and month and will allow you to truly analyze your own visual objective evidence. 

Flow Feed - discusses our professional (personal) learning community and why the A370 is so good for this project. It provides step-by-step instruction on how we can be accountable to each other by following teammates, viewing training sessions and how to know when we have messages from team members. 

Program Tab - demonstrates how you can create your own training program for a 5K, 10K, ½ marathon or marathon while using your A370 as a guide. Allows for a specific training color-coded guide that provides prescriptive support and guidance and teaches you how to work within training zones. 

MyFitnessPal App - provides a quick overview of MyFitnessPal to support better nutritional guidance with the SAI CatchLife program. 

CatchLife Training PPTs

Participant 370 Training
Coach 370 Training
Participant 360 Training