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SAI Report Newsletter

2016-17 SAI Report Issues

March 2017 - Why you entered the profession, collective bargaining changes, leading as doers and dreamers, building a school culture that supports teacher leadership

February 2017 - Teacher recruitment, transition, preparation and retention; revamping the state's bargaining laws; maximizing the impact of teacher leaders' roles; a hodgepodge of legal issues; makerspace

January 2017 - SAI's legislative priorities, leading in uncertain and unpredictable times, search and seizure, make time for mindfulness, verifying social media accounts

December 2016 - Reflections from 2017 Iowa Assistant Principal of the Year Jeff Schneekloth; avoiding lost opportunities; schools' authority to control visitors; how to reconcile creating a sense of urgency for change with the value and importance of patience; and five drivers that yield higher engagement

November 2016 - 2017 Superintendent of the Year Gary Zittergruen reflects on leadership practices; We don't need no education — or do we? I'm thankful for the hope you provide kids; Build strengths, amplify talent

October 2016 - Put Email in Jail, Attendance Policies, To Empower = To Grow Relationships, Honoring Our Teachers as Learners through Individualized Professional Development

September 2016 - SAI District Consultants; Beginnings; Transgender Student Guidance; A Framework for Change; Embrace the 'Beta'

2015-16 SAI Report Issues

May 2016 - Insight from Administrators of the Year; Reflecting on the Year; Decision-Making Regarding Information Sharing; Building Shared Understanding, Capacity and Commitment; Celebrate and Evaluate Your TLC Work; 2015-16 Average Administrator Salaries

April 2016 - Celebrate School Leadership, Climate and Culture, Chapter 279 Reminders, From Project-based Learning to Project-based Work, Project-based Learning at Scale, Tools to Examine the Roles and Responsibilities of Teacher Leaders and Administrators

March 2016 - CatchLife: Addressing the Demands of School Leadership; The Evils of Precedent, Springtime Issues and Considerations; Potential Negative Tax Implications Regarding Section 125 Plans; Seeing To, Through and Beyond; and Personalizing Every Student's Success

February 2016 - SAI's Strategic Framework, Living a Legacy, Great Expectations, Leadership is Leadership, Rethinking Learning Time

January 2016 - Identifying Priorities for Students' and Schools' Needs, The TIME Resolution, Single-Sex Programming by Outside Organizations, Investing in the Genius of Others, Authentic Professional Experiences for High School Students, additional information on drones

December 2015 - Iowa’s Assistant Principal of the Year, a "different conversation" between business and district leaders, advocacy for school funding, what instructional leadership means to you, drone use in schools, spreading a culture of improvement, navigating the four generations comprising today’s workforce, engaging students in inquiry- or project-based learning

November 2015 - Gain insight from Iowa’s Superintendent of the Year Dr. Martha Bruckner, SAI’s Comments on Iowa’s Statewide Assessment, Support Educators through the Mid-year Dip, Address Dangerous Weapons on School Property, Questions for Life Decision-making and Problem-solving Process, Uncover the Brilliance in Every Student

October 2015 - Timing a career move, sex offenders on school property or at school activities, building trust in your schools and district, Internet filtering: A digital equity issue, SAI’s legislative platform construction, resources available for Bullying Prevention Month, celebrating National Principals Month

September 2015 - Professional Learning Opportunities, What do We Mean by World-Class?, Common beginning of the year legal challenges, the invaluable impact of leadership and learning, teacher leadership resources, Iowa BIG

2014-15 SAI Report Issues

May 2015 - 2015 Administrators of the Year, Unauthorized Recordings at School, The Productivity Cliff, Stop Pretending When It Comes to Education

April 2015 - Public Education: America's Best Hope; Unfortunately, It's that Time of Year (terminations); Choosing to Read; Will Teachers be Replaced by Robots?; Average Salaries

March 2015 - 2015 Fine Arts Administrator of the Year, Successful Peer Coaching, Trust, IPERS Update, Principal as Lead Learner and Reimagine What's Possible: Lessons from the New Village Girls Academy 

February 2015 - Incoming SAI Executive Director, Building Principals and NCLB Renewal, Physical Confinement and Restraint of Students, Implementation of Teacher Leadership, Lessons from the MUSE School

January 2015 - SAI's Legislative Priorities for 2015, Attendance Center Rankings, New Year To-Do's, Influencing Effective Implementation, Why Project-Based Learning?

December 2014 - 2014-15 Assistant Principal of the Year, school branding tips, A Tale of Two Iowas, dealing with challenges, the value of reflective practice, moving beyond routine cognitive work

November 2014 - Leadership perspectives from Iowa’s 2014-15 Superintendent of the Year, teacher leadership resources, revised leadership standards, sexting-a truly public matter, leading change and shifting learning environments

October 2014 - Celebrating National Principals Month, Legislative Platform Development, Bullying Prevention Awareness, The Role of the Superintendent, Inappropriate Relationships between Staff Members and Students, Motivation and Engagement: Not Just for Kids, Our Technology Messages are Important

September 2014 - Chart Your Learning, Student Immunizations, Tapping the Power of Trust, Toward Better Technology Integration

2013 - 2014 SAI Report Issues

May 2014 - Iowa Administrators of the Year, The "Blueprint" Revisited, Getting It To-Done, The Role of Readiness in Implementation, School Communication 2.0

April 2014 - Talking with Policymakers, Supporting Principals in Evaluation, Background Checks for Volunteers, Where Should I Start? Instead of an AUP, How About an EUP? 

March 2014 - Struggling to Make the Connection? National Conventions; School Law Conference Highlights; Learning that Will Support Leaders; Is Your Students' Learning Differentiated, Individualized or Personalized?

February 2014 - What do Iowa administrators have to say about evaluation? Supporting the Iowa Core; Communicate early, communicate often; WRAP yourself in a new decision-making process; visioning for awesomeness

January 2014 - SAI Legislative Priorities Set for 2014, David and Goliath, E-cigarettes, Unfreeze with the Goal of Refreezing, Bringing Clarity to your technology integration

December 2013 - Iowa Assistant Principal of the Year Ryan Davis, NCLB waivers, fundraising regulations, the implementation gap and four stages of technology integration

November 2013 - Changes to IPERS? Repercussions of Sexting, Using Processes to Progress, Superintendents' Network

October 2013 - Iowa Superintendent of the Year Paul Gausman, Celebrate Principals Month, Leadership Matters, Private Instruction, Setting the Stage for a Culture of Teacher Leadership, Thinking about the Iowa Core,

September 2013 - Plan your professional growth; Opportunity Ahead; Don't Neglect Background Checks; Relationships, Relationships, Relationships!; Eight building blocks for the future of schools

2012 - 2013 SAI Report Issues

May 2013 - Iowa Administrators of the Year; the federal role in education; student free speech; what are you willing to tolerate?; reflect, refocus, rejuvenate

April 2013 - SAI Members Take to the Hill, Membership Vote on SAI District Structure, Principal Executive Coaching Program Positions for 2013-14 Launch, Teacher and Principal Evaluation, What We've got here is Failure to Communicate, Search for Villain Turns up Need for Activator

March 2013 - Coaching at the Core for Principals, School Leadership Challenges and Teacher Satisfaction Decline Identified by National Survey, Ed Reform—An Opportunity? No-Contact and Protective Orders, Hope AND a Plan, Our Answers Lie Within

February 2013 - School Resource Officers’ presence in Iowa districts, suggested resources for leaders, participation of students with disabilities in extracurricular athletics, effective Iowa Core implementation, your vision of educational technology

January 2013 - SAI Legislative Priorities, Allowable Growth versus Educational Reform, School Safety, Demystifying the Learning Process, Creative Commons

December 2012 - Brenda Maro is Assistant Principal of the Year in Iowa, studies affirm the value of school leaders, be an upstander to bullying, propelling PLCs to deeper levels of learning

November 2012 - Tom Lane is Iowa's Superintendent of the Year, Teacher Leadership and Compensation, Corporal Punishment and Coaching, Feedback Makes Top 10, Are You a 'Connected' Leader?

October 2012 - Celebrating National Principals Month, Principal Evaluation, Bullying/Harassment Reporting and Improving Anti-bullying Efforts, Leadership-Life Fit, What are Your Guiding Questions?

September 2012 - Four Strands of SAI Learning Opportunities; Renewing SAI; Employee Discipline, Custody Concerns and Student Enrollment; Embracing Challenge and Growing Grit; How Administrators should Think about Internet Safety

2011 - 2012 SAI Report Issues

May 2012 - 2012 Administrators of the Year; human capital or social capital; June to-dos from a legal perspective; summer learning tips for parents; listening, leadership and change

April 2012 - Honor Your Profession, Task Force on Teacher Leadership and Compensation, Teacher and Administrator Termination, Plan Now for Your Back-to-School Event, Making Room for Innovation

March 2012 - Resources for working with staff and community on changing learning outcomes, establishing a culture of trust, School Law Conference lessons, tips for middle school parents (with nuggets for other age levels), and six design principles for school transformation.

February 2012 - Professional Learning Supports, Iowa's No Child Left Behind Waiver, IPERS Update, Student Supervision, When Your Child Has Problems at School: Six Tips for Parents, Where are the Humans?

January 2012 - Competency-Based Education, Thirteen Tips for Anti-Bullying Efforts, Parent-Teacher Conferences: The Cornerstone of School-Home Relations, How to Lead the Conversation about Online Safety, Principal Evaluation Project: Developing National Guidelines

December 2011 - Iowa Assistant Secondary Principal of the Year Bev Kuehn, teacher and administrator evaluation, Santa and politicians: common visitors in Iowa schools this season, preparing for the upcoming Legislative session, partnering with your community, and Web resources for administrators and teachers

November 2011 - 2011-12 Superintendent of the Year Katie Mulholland, The Challenges are Real, Your FERPA Guide to Video Surveillance and Student Safety, Having Fun with Learning, Goal Setting for One-to-One Initiatives, Changing Conditions so Principals can Devote more time to Instructional Leadership

October 2011 - Governor Branstad Releases Preliminary Blueprint, Capacity Building in a Flat World, Employee Misconduct and Student Dress Codes, Getting Involved in Your Child's Education, Exploring Supplemental Online Education for Your School

September 2011 - Wrong and Right Drivers, Enrollment and Custody Issues, School Administration Manager Myths and Realities, The Courage to Engage Every Family, Is This the Year?

2010 - 2011 SAI Report Issues

May 2011 - 2010-11 Administrators of the Year, Critical Issues to Address Now, Summer Learning Tips for Parents, 1:1 Initiatives, Instructional Improvement

April 2011 - Putting the "Commit" in SIAC, Online Learning in Schools, Employee Vaccinations, What Ifs for Students and Educators

March 2011 - Focus, Iowa's Gift Law, Healthy Habits for Children and Families, Safe and Supportive Schools, Best Practices for Hiring Quality Teachers

February 2011 - Member Needs Assessment Provides Guidance, Promoting the Need for Innovation, Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program, Dos and Don'ts of Ballot and Campaign Issues, Healthy Active Living for Families, Some big Questions for Educators (and Parents and Policymakers), What Recent High School Grads Said About College Readiness

January 2011 - Contact Your Legislators, An Open Letter to Gov.-elect Branstad, Residency and Student Enrollment, Movement is a Central Mission of the Brain, If We were Really Serious About Educational Technology, Recent Graduate Survey Ideas

December 2010 - 2010-11 Assistant Principal of the Year Betsy Fair; Uncertainty; Remember, it's never the wrong time to do the right thing; Parental engagement in middle and high school; Want to know how we're doing? Ask your grads

November 2010 - 2010-11 Superintendent of the Year Gary Sinclair, Iowa Evaluator Approval, Homeless Students, Helping Your Child Succeed at School, 12 Videos that will Spark Your Thinking, Superintendents' Learning Progresses, Taking Care of Yourself

October 2010 - supports for New Assistant Principals and Associate Superintendents; October is National Principals Month; schools cannot do it alone; taking care to be reasonable, so a technical foul doesn't cost you more than free throws; Parental Involvement in Children's Education Month; moving up the cognitive ladder.

September 2010 - mentors help new administrators begin their careers successfully; leadership reinforced; custody issues; outcomes of parental involvement; obligation to prepare students for what is and will be, not what was; central office transformation for district-wide teaching and learning improvement

2009 - 2010 SAI Report Issues

May 2010 - 2010 Administrators of the Year, the worst hard times or the new normal? quick reference guide to numbers and dates (reference guide), Iowa PIRC recognized nationally for parent engagement, Superintendents' Networks instructional rounds

April 2010 - Evaluator License Renewal; Federal Education Policy; When it Comes to Student Safety, it's not a Game (choking and other dangerous games); Engaging Parents of Children with Special Needs; Technology Leadership Resources

March 2010 - SAM and the 'Fab Five,' Collaborative Edge, Teacher Intern License, Homework Practices (Part 3 of 3), Educators as Risk-Takers

February 2010 - Iowa Schools Use Principals Center to Reinforce Their Work, The Natural (a growth mindset), Grading 101 (student grading), Homework Practices (Part 2 of 3), Many Service Jobs will Become Globalized Piece Work

January 2010 - SAI's Platform for the 2010 Legislative Session, Iowa Leadership Academy Principals Center Summer Institute, Student Searches, Homework Practices, New [Technology] Resources for a New Year, Budget Communication Ideas

December 2009 - Diane Campbell is 2009-2010 Assistant Principal of the Year, Race to the Top, Social Media Policies, Parental Involvement in Reducing Bullying - Part II, Does Your School Organization Reflect our new Digital Information Landscape?

November 2009 - RAND Names Iowa One of Three Best Leadership System States, Leadership in Tough Times, Criminal Implications of Sending Inappropriate Text Messages (sexting), Parental Involvement in Reducing Bullying, What Constitutes a "Book" These Days? 

October 2009 - 2009-10 Superintendent of the Year Jere Vyverberg; Leading, Learning and Teaching in the 21st Century; Change What?; FERPA Update; Building Trust with Parents during Parent-Teacher Conferences; Should you ever filter teachers' Internet access?

September 2009 - Navigating change, the Widget Effect on teacher evaluation, critical role of principals, sex offender presence law 

2008 - 2009 SAI Report Issues

May 2009 - Four administrators selected as ambassadors for the profession, the paradox of the federal stimulus money, Healthy Kids Act rules, Iowa Leadership Academy Superintendents' Network, kids' opportunities at home versus at school

April 2009 - Good news you may not hear regarding teachers' and principals' perceptions of schools, recent ruling on just cause for termination (staff termination), Parents as Teachers Programs in Iowa, technology resources for administrators

March 2009 - SAI Hosts Legislative Reception, New Member Benefits Offered Through the SAI Web site, Candidates for Association Vice President, Hard Work, Highlights from SAI's School Law Conference, Resources to Encourage Parent Involvement, A 21st Century Learning System for Iowa (part 3) 

February 2009 - Maintaining a positive school climate, research on the importance of upper elementary and middle school on college and career readiness, the serious consequences of students' cell phone and Internet photos (sexting), a 21st-century learning system for Iowa, and recommended reading for administrators

January 2009 - Capitol Steps: Approaching the 2009 Legislative Session, Embracing a New Conception of Education, Preventive Measures to Head Off School Law Issues, A 21st Century Learning System for Iowa, Questions to ask Your High Schoolers After 'How as your day?'

December 2008 - Rick Colpitts of Dubuque is Assistant Secondary Principal of the Year, Partnering for Innovation, Elbow Delivers Blow to Player's Pocketbook (liability), Just Say 'Yes' to Wikipedia

November 2008 - Project Lead the Way—An Effective STEM program for Iowa Schools, Are We Up to the Challenge? New Restraint, Confinement and Detention Rules for Schools (physical confinement and restraint, time-out rooms); Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education increasing knowledge and skills; Support for Iowa's Leadership Initiatives; Parent-Teacher Conferences: The Cornerstone of School-Home Relations

October 2008 - Iowa City Superintendent Lane Plugge Selected to Represent Iowa Leaders, Collective Efficacy, 'I want my two dollars!' (school money collection practices), Parent Information Resource Center in Action

September 2008 - SAI Mentoring and Induction Program, Transitioning Our Schools into the 21st Century, Are We Up to the Challenge?, Your charge: determining allowable student fees, School Leadership Supported for Eighth Consecutive Year by Wallace Foundation, Iowa Leadership Academy

2007 - 2008 SAI Report Issues

May 2008 - The 2008 Administrators of the Year, Over the Coffee, Last straw puts employee over the hump (staff termination), SAI Online Learning, Iowa Statewide Parent Information Resource Center Services

April 2008 - Going Green to Save Some Green; A Little Bit About Several Things; 'I'm just a bill' (collective bargaining bill); Maximize Outcomes for Children with Disabilities

March 2008 - Instructional Decision Making; Candidates for SAI vice president; America 1908, America 2108; Flurry of Expertise Strikes SAI School Law Conference; A National Social Movement: Communities and Student Achievement

February 2008 - Legislative Platform is Springboard for Discussions, Beyond Islands of Excellence, Harassment and Open Enrollment, Engaging Parents as Partners in Student Learning 

January 2008 - ILA Principals Center Creates Statewide Community of Learners, The Importance of "No," Weapons in schools, How welcoming is your school? 

December 2007 - Greg Semler is Assistant Secondary Principal of the Year, Leadership and Learning, 'Are you recording this conversation?' (privacy rights and recordings), What Parents Want from Your School Newsletter

November 2007 - Iowans Hear Good and Bad News at Wallace National Grantees Conference, Systems Thinking, Ignorance Isn't Bliss (school fundraisers and money in buildings), Momentum Increases in Engaging Parents as a Key Strategy in Student Achievement

October 2007 - Glenn Pelecky is Superintendent of the Year; The CEO Disease; Report Cards, Transcripts and Disabled Students (student grades, diplomas, and transcripts); AASA Views on the ESEA Reauthorization; Progress on creating a cohesive leadership system in Iowa

September 2007 - Iowans in the Lead Nationally; Courage; Medicine and Driving (medication administration, minor school licenses); Litter Free School Campus Program; Raising Student Voice & Participation

2006 - 2007 SAI Report Issues

May 2007 - Melissa Gilbert, Kathleen Reyner and Kathryn Schladweiler are Administrators of the Year; Wounded Leaders; Parent Complaints, Open Session, and FERPA (student confidentiality): What must be kept confidential?; Promoting Student Success Through Parent-Teacher Communication and Conferencing 

April 2007 - Jerry Arganbright and Steve Haberman are Administrators of the Year, NCLB, Individualized Education Plans (discipline of special ed. students), Best Practices in Implementing the Student Core Curriculum Plan, School Administration Managers

March 2007 - ITW—Quality Education for All, Candidates for SAI vice president, A Coherent System of School Leadership, SAI's Legal Assistance Policy and Copyright Infringement, Responding to Public Questions, Reaching Parents and Community

February 2007 - SAI's 2007 Legislative Platform; Trust is the Foundation; Tyranny, harassment and intimidation: when are you stepping over the line? (staff harassment); Family Engagement in Early Childhood Education: Parents as Teachers; Developing Effective Leadership Teams for School Improvement

January 2007 - Feb. SAI School Law Conference, Leadership Standards Presented to the State Board of Education, What We Can Control, Reflections and Visions (common legal issues), SAI Awarded Federal Grant, Instruction at the Core

December 2006 - Assistant Secondary Principal of the Year is Nancy Ferdig, No Child Left Behind Revisited, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA & maternity leave), New-look Legislature Should go Back to School—at Your Invitation

November 2006 - Iowa's Leadership Standards and Criteria, Exceeding Members' Needs, An analysis of how not to conduct an emergency exercise, Iowa ePortfolio Project, Planting Seeds for Kids to Reap Benefits of Parent Involvement 

October 2006 - Leadership Development Journey Continues, Sharing Leadership, Access to Records and Students (child custody), Facts about Leadership in Schools, Keeping Children with Asthma in the Classroom

September 2006 - Superintendent of the Year, A New School Year, Tuition-Free Enrollment (student residency), ePortfolio, Communicating Change

2005 - 2006 SAI Report Issues

May 2006 - Arts, Elementary and Central Office Administrators of the Year, A Little Bit About a Lot of Things, Compulsory Attendance Law (truancy), Supporting Others Through Change

April 2006 - Middle Level Principal of the Year, Salary Update, Athletic Eligibility Rules, Getting Your CPA, Parent Involvement

March 2006 - Secondary Principal of the Year, The Camel's Nose, Employees Who Change Grades (student grading), Steal, Cheat; A Different Kind of March Madness

February 2006 - Celebrate Leadership Week, SAI Pre-Con to Feature Heidi Hayes-Jacobs, Life is Like the Mississippi River, Reminiscences of Discrimination, Thinking Differently About Power, Good Crisis Communication Pays Dividends

January 2006 - SAI Invited to Participate in Two National Task Forces, Kathy Collins - Job Well Done, "What's That You Say? 'Hearsay is OK!'?" (hearsay in administrative proceedings), Slings and Arrows, Be Prepared for the Controversial News Media Interview

December 2005 - Assistant Secondary Principal of the Year, Condition of Education Report, Religion and the Curriculum: Again and Again and Again, Think of It as 'Positive Intrusion,' Involving Parents: Best Practices in the Middle and High Schools 

November 2005 - SAI Assembles Platform for 2006 Legislative Session, Legislative Issues/Questions, Miscellegalous (teacher termination and student searches), Pork Burgers, Spandex and Other Distractions

October 2005 - Keith Sersland is Superintendent of the Year, Dan Smith to Lead SAI, Turning Points for SAI, "Do Not Resuscitate My Child," A Steep Challenge in a Flat World, 

September 2005 - "Brighter Futures" Status Report on High Schools Released, Reflections/Transitions, What Do You Think 504 Plans Are? Candy?, The Yin and Yang of Student Achievement and Research Corner

2004 - 2005 SAI Report Issues

May 2005 - Lori Porsch and Rita Vannatta are Administrators of the Year, Legacies and "Leave Behinds," Clearing Up the Confusion (teacher evaluations, probationary period vs. mentoring and induction), The 9 'People Motivators,' Recommended Summer Reading and Research Corner

April 2005 - Becky Hacker-Kluver and Todd Wolverton Selected Administrators of the Year, Career-Staged Learning, Random Thoughts (teacher termination, discipline, and resignations), Improve PR by Balancing Your Workspace

March 2005 - Carver Trust Funds 2004-05 Mentoring Program, An Idea Whose Time Has Come, More No-Nos on the 'Net (staff technology use and BoEE implications), Iowa AEA Brings Educational Resources to Classrooms, Promoting Success Through Parent Involvement

February 2005 - Advocate for Students: Make an Impact at the State and Federal Level, The Inner Life of Leaders, Non-Teacher Coaches Not Exempt Under Dept. of Labor Overtime Regulations and Negotiations Reminder for Evaluating Career Teachers (FLSA - overtime, teacher evaluations)

January 2005 - Summit Kicks Off Intensive Effort to Support High School Reform; Oh, so simple. Not so easy.; What if the Background Check Turns Up Something Bad?; Tips for Members of the District Staff: Making a Presentation to the School Board; "School Operations and Maintenance: Best Practices for Controlling Energy Costs." 

December 2004 - Shane Ehresman is Assistant Principal of the Year, SAI "On the Road," Racing on a Muddy Track, A Legal "Early Retirement" Policy: An Oxymoron?, Electronic Newsletters Gaining Popularity, Resources for Schools Working with Children of Deployed Soldiers, The Learning Connection: The Value of Improving Nutrition of Physical Activity in Our Schools

November 2004 - Setting the Stage for Student Success, Wallace Foundation Shines Spotlight on the Link Between Leadership and Learning, Giving Thanks for November, Religious Freedom of Speech for Public Employees, Superintendent Job Satisfaction Survey, "Hardwired to Connect: The Scientific Case for Authoritative Communities"

October 2004 - Larry Hill is 2005 Superintendent of the Year, First Statewide Iowa High School Summit, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, Students on the Sex Offender Registry: A New Law, A New Problem, How Leadership Influences Student Learning

September 2004 - We Have a Dream, Who Controls Your Board Meetings? (rights at board meetings), SAI "On the Road," Assessment Results of Iowa's Mentoring and Induction Program, Four "Operating Principles" Guide the Use of Iowa Professional Development Model

2003 - 2004 SAI Report Issues

May 2004 - 2004 Administrators of the Year, Never Give Up, Late Open Enrollment Apps Due to "Harassment," Speaking from Experience, Public Agenda Online, August Conference Features AASA's Paul Houston, Legislative Candidates

April 2004 - SAI August Conference Features Phil Schlechty, Iowa's NAESP State Representative Election, Quips and Quotes from One Week of Interview Season, "Sexual Exploitation" and Mandatory Reporting to the Board of Educational Examiners, Are You Getting the Message?, Focus on the Wonder Years: Challenges Facing the American Middle School, Iowa's Federal Relations Coordinator Discusses Education Policy on Capitol Hill

March 2004 - BEEP Honored by Governor, SAI Principal Evaluation Process Recognized Nationally, Announcing the Candidates for SAI Vice-President, Walk the Talk, Discrimination Against Students Under Section 504, Role of Principal Leadership in Increasing Teacher Retention

February 2004 - SAI Reports to State Board and BoEE, Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you, Combating Childhood Obesity, Using Your Community's "Resolution Facilitators," Communicating Success Through Parent Involvement, Generational Poverty

January 2004 - Lowry is Assistant Secondary Principal of the Year, Iowa Superintendents Advocate Nationally, SAI Legislative Platform Set, A Call to Action, Mentoring, Evaluating "Career" Teachers, Ten Ways to Send Effective Email Messages

December 2003 - Advocating for Children, How NOT to Run the Ranch, Clearing Up the Confusion: "Child Abuse" vs. "Student Abuse," Is Education Going Up in Smoke?

November 2003 - AEA 267 Secures Major Grant for SAI to Help with Parent Education, Peanuts for Schools (student allergies), Communication is Key in Solving a Budget Crisis

October 2003 - Humility and Will, Student Records Pop Quiz, It's About Time: Managing a Leading Stressor

September 2003 - Off to a Great Start, Digging Deeper, Those Pesky Teacher-Student Trips (school sponsored trip policies), No Child Left Behind Resources

2002 - 2003 SAI Report Issues

May 2003 - Fasten Your Seatbelts, Dress Codes for Teachers, Junior High Undertakes Ambitious School Improvement Plan

April 2003 - A Body in Need of Assistance, Do You Know What's Going on in Your School? (school liability)

March 2003 - Tournament Time, Evaluator Training: What You Didn't Learn & More (teacher quality); Tips for Communicating About NCLB

February 2003 - Important Skills/Responsibilities Identified by New Administrators, Leading Through the Chaos, "Barker Guidelines" and Unemployment for Substitutes (district realignment, unemployment for substitutes), Communicating the Value of Staff Development

January 2003 - Developing Leadership, Heroes, New Year's Me-Solutions, Bus Cleanup Program

December 2002 - SAI 2003 Legislative Platform, Developing a Sense of Community, The Equal Access Act, Start Spreading the News

November 2002 - Not Your Father's Oldsmobile, Member Forum, Technology and My Mastery of It

October 2002 - Stampede to Accountability; They Can't Say That About Me, Can They? (speech rights and defamation); When Giving Speeches, Keep Your Goal in Mind

September 2002 - Lessons from Ground Zero, A New School Year = New School Laws, Reinforcing Public Trust: Leaving No Teachers Behind

2001 - 2002 SAI Report Issues

August 2002 (special issue) - Evaluator Training, Induction and Mentoring, Improving Conditions for Administrators, Superintendent Evaluation, Principal Evaluation, Bus Emission Safety

May 2002 - Thoughts on Hiring Season, Spring Flings and Other Things (prom and graduation issues), ESEA - A Reality!

April 2002 - Suiting Up and Showing Up, Average salary figures for Iowa School Administrators, Negotiating Your Contract or Departure, Academic Eligibility for Athletes, Recognizing/Analyzing the PR Factor in Your Hiring Process

March 2002 - SAI to Lead Study on Public Policy to Attract and Retain Quality Administrators; Making Sense of It All; Some Last Minute Suggestions for Your Reduction-In-Force Proceedings; Ninth-grade Teaming Helps the Transition to a Large High School

February 2002 - Evaluator Training, And the Winner Is...?, CYA FAQs, Web-based surveys provide efficient way to gather community opinions

January 2002 - The Constant Cycle of Demands, Liability for Student Suicide, Clear and concise language is key to good communication

December 2001 - Developing Responsible Behavior in Schools, Child Custody Issues in Schools, Communication plan supports controversial discussions

November 2001 - Guiding Teacher Evaluation, Call for SAI Vice President Nominations, WARNING: More Financial Advice (gift law and withholding taxes for referees), Internal Communication: A Key to Success

October 2001 - Notes on leadership, THREATS OF VIOLENCE: Investigation and Discipline (student speech and threats), PERB Budget-Cutting Measures, Building Endurance for your administrative journey

September 2001 - A little bit about a number of things..., Guidance Counselor Liability for "Negligent Misrepresentation," Sunshine Advisory: A Bulletin on Iowa Open Meetings and Public Records Laws, IPERS Preretirement Death Benefits

2000 - 2001 SAI Report Issues

May 2001 - All Hat, No Cattle; Blue Hair, Nose Rings and Exposed Navels (student speech and dress codes); Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?; Fun (and learning) in the sun!; Orientation and Mentoring-the keys to happy new teachers

April 2001 - Making difficult jobs doable, Watch Your Mouth! (employee speech), Money (Still) Talks, Superintendent Accountability, Communicating Incidents to the community

March 2001 - Lessons Learned, Spending for "Public Purposes," Keep Those Calls and Letters Coming!, A Great Asset!, E-Communicators - Harnessing the power of e-mail for building community support

February 2001 - The Paradox of Change, A Bit O' This and That, Keeping Track of Federal and State Legislative Issues, Modeling Leadership Learning, Seniors Rule in Iowa - We Must Engage Them in Our Schools

January 2001 - In Transit, Hearings & Appeals (student due process), "Teacher Compensation: Still Center Stage, But...," Administrator Support of School Improvement, When the Reporter Calls

December 2000 - Thanks for the Memories, Random Ramblings re: Recruiting, "So Who Are (or Who Will Be) the Winners?!," Opportunity to Hire!, Successful Campaigns for PPELS

November 2000 - Potpourri, "Let's (not) get physical!" Are we overreacting?, 2001 Legislative Issues: Compensation and Funding, Yes We Have and We Will!, Tapping the Power of Technology for School/Community Relations

October 2000 - Reflecting Back, More Details on 'That F.E.R.P.A. Case About Kids Grading Papers,' Teacher Compensation: A Look into the Crystal Ball, Administrators Beware! Parents are the key to reaching school improvement goals

September 2000 - The State of the Association, Good Conduct Policies: The Mere Presence Rule - Will It Fly? Legislators Back to School Day, We're Getting Closer, How to Talk About Your APR

1999 - 2000 SAI Report Issues

May 2000 - New IPERS Changes, The 2000 Legislative Session, CSIP, Their greatest fears...

April 2000 - Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Odds & Ends, Aspiring, Web Sites - The Next Generation

March 2000 - Annual Administrator Salary Update, State Board Announces New Student Rights in Expulsions, A Tale of Three Meetings, Sold! Working with Realtors

February 2000 - Potpourri, Student "Speech" in Official School Publications, Determining Our Preferred Future, Working with an Ever-Changing Target, Determining What People in Your Community Want to Know about Student Achievement

January 2000 - The New Millennium--Some New Beginnings, Some New Opportunities; Terrorism, Assault and Free Speech; Republicans and Democrats: In Their Own Words!; Three Calls for Responses; Avoid the Aftermath with a Media Crisis Plan

December 1999 - SAI Testifies at Legislative Hearing on IPERS, Pop Quiz, The "A" in PAC Stands for Action!, Administrator Support of Student Achievement, It's Time to Celebrate!

November 1999 - Will There Be A Leadership Crisis in 2003?, Employee Information: What's Private and What Isn't, SAI Sets Legislative Platform for 2000 Session, School Leadership Initiative, Tips for Success When Reporting Student Achievement Results to Your Community

October 1999 - General update, background checks, capitol commentary, professional development opportunities and American Education Week

September 1999 - Rep. Council sets IPERS priorities, significant Special Ed. decisions, presidential wannabees, professional development opportunities and public deliberation

1998 - 1999 SAI Report Issues

May 1999 -Annual Administrators Salary update, Alternative School & Special Ed. Programs, Local Control Debate, Recognizing/analyzing the PR factor in hiring process

April 1999 - Representative Council Takes Giant Steps, IDEA Changes: At Long Last–Regs!, Education Legislation, Building News Media Partnerships 

March 1999 - IPERS–Laying the Groundwork; Pregnancy, the FMLA and your Master Contract; Bipartisanship: Alive and Well; Family Resource Centers

February 1999 - SAI takes a look down the road, behavior issues under the reauthorized IDEA, legislature begins session, building staff morale 

January 1999 - some special recognitions, national teacher certification: the administrator's role, 1999 legislative preview, communicating with legislators: it's all about kids

December 1998 - Governor-elect Tom Vilsack: a new face in school reform, potpourri of SAI issues, notification under the state sexual offender statutes, building relationships with the community

November 1998 - a tribute to a special friend, sharing information on our students, the election and education, bright ideas on reporting out

October 1998 - more scuttlebutt on IPERS, no-nos on the 'Net, education: still a hot topic in Washington, marketing to your most important audience

September 1998 - performance-based licensure, the courts speak, SAI PAC and legislation, no school doesn't mean no learning