SAI CatchLife Coaching Responsibilities

Teams are important to CatchLife. Exercise research shows when individuals are in groups they are more likely to be motivated and stay motivated. In addition, it is critical each participant feels connected and supported in a team atmosphere as it can propel people to higher-quality work, relationships and living. This is why CatchLife is designed for you to go through the journey with others and why CatchLife Director Rick Schupbach will “coach” and support each member of every CatchLife team.


Teams will be comprised of three or more members. Preferred team members include administrators who work in the same school district or have existing professional relationships with each other and are in close proximity.


New participants entering the program will be contacted for online training or on-site training. Rick Schupbach will contact members to arrange dates for training.

Data Collection

Rick Schupbach will provide weekly feedback and data on the following metrics.

  • 150 minutes of (moderate to vigorous) training a week
  • 80 percent of training time in the identified zone to improve cardiovascular endurance
  • sleep (average 7 hours per night)
  • 100 percent activity goal (3 out of 7 days)
  • Average 1 or fewer inactivity stamps per day (7 in a week)

Sample Weekly Report

In addition to individual weekly feedback shown below, team feedback will be given along with Heath eTip messages. This weekly visual, objective evidence will allow each participant to get timely feedback along their journey to make adjustments to their current health practices as they strive for desired health practices. 

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