Mission - “Helping administrators find their leadership-life fit”

Program Goals

  • Improve overall health and well-being of school administrators by providing tools, strategies and guidance targeting the components of a healthy leadership-life fit.
  • Promote networking among Iowa administrators in pursuit of the shared purpose of improving their overall health and well-being by providing both a personalized and team-based approach to support.
  • Increase the efficacy, productivity, and creativity of Iowa administrators by promoting healthier habits and practices.
  • Replace ineffective, unhealthy habits with new, effective behaviors for a lifetime of healthy living.


  • 80 percent of adults don’t get enough activity/ only 3 percent are considered “fit”
  • Low fitness is the strongest predictor of death
  • Lifestyle accounts for 85 percent of the risk of having a chronic disease.
  • Physical inactivity costs $150 billion a year — 15 percent of all health costs
  • 36 percent of Iowans age 45-64 are obese

CatchLife Program Options

There are three different CatchLife programs from which members may select. Read the descriptions below.

CatchLife Weekly Health eTips - sign up

Individuals will receive weekly emails containing two-minute informational videos on various topics to promote positive self-care. Too often, administrators serve others without ever taking time to properly care for themselves. This can lead to a point where one lacks the energy to serve his/her family and staff well. These videos will promote a positive leadership-life fit and serve as a valuable reminder of the importance of one's physical, mental and emotional health. Sign up today and allow SAI to serve you so you can pay it forward and serve others better.

Cost: Free


  • Leadership-life fit
  • Physical activity
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition, including hydration

Start date: Select Sept. 9, 2019, or Feb. 3, 2020

Duration: 16 weeks

Number of participants: Unlimited

CatchLife 30-day Challenge - sign up

Each participant is responsible for tracking progress for 30 days in the areas of sleep, nutrition, physical activity, hydration and social/emotional health with the user-friendly Vimify app. Each day participants will watch a short two-minute educational video in one of these areas on the app and then track their progress by simply selecting the appropriate response on their app in each category. A running point total will be kept and there is a public forum that allows for interaction and support to be given among team members.

Local/regional administrative teams use free Vimify account with daily tip video and daily tasks

Cost: Free

Options for areas of focus:

  • Leadership-life fit
  • Physical activity
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition, including hydration

Start date: Select from Sept. 2 (filled), Nov. 4 (filled) or Jan. 6

Duration: 37 days (7 prep/30 challenge)

Number of participants: First 10 teams signed up for each starting date

CatchLife 16-week Challenge - sign up

This program consists of an individual and team challenge. Feedback will be provided every week by CatchLife Director Rick Schupbach for each individual participant and each team. Weekly reports will be sent to highlight individual and team successes. It is important to take time to support and CELEBRATE successes and this is done by recognizing individuals who achieve 7/7 days at 100 percent of the daily activity goals or who have zero inactivity stamps for the week. We also recognize the top 10 individuals in the state who have the most training time in the appropriate heart rate zone. In addition, the top 10 teams in each goal area are recognized and an overall state team champion is crowned weekly. See links below for sample reports.

Cost: Participants use Polar fitness tracker ($139.93)

Areas of focus:

  • Weekly individual feedback/team feedback/state team competition report
  • 100% daily activity goal
  • Inactivity stamps
  • Training length
  • Training Intensity
  • Sleep

Sample Team Document

Sample Weekly Team State Report

Sample Individual State Report

Start date: Feb. 3, 2020 

Duration: 16 weeks (runs through May 24, 2020)

Number of participants: First 20 local/regional administrative teams of 3 -10 members to sign up

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CatchLife has been an incredible gift to our team. We are more intentional about making healthy choices and encouraging one another to achieve goals. Understanding each other's personal health goals gave us a deeper level of trust, which allowed us to grow together both professionally and personally.

~ Tara Estep, principal, Cedar Falls Elementary School

CatchLife is far more than a fitness program. CatchLife can be the catalyst your team has been looking for to grow personally and professionally. At Pella, we were able to improve our fitness, and more importantly, we were able to establish much stronger relationships with each other. We plan to continue as an administrative team as well as expand to our entire staff.

~ Josh Manning, principal, Pella Middle School

I could go on for hours about how the CatchLife program has impacted me. Most importantly, I learned I must take time for me because the happier and healthier I am the better I will be for the people I serve. I have loved having a team behind me because it reminds me I am not alone on this journey.

~ Cathy DeBondt, principal, East Marshall Elementary School

SAI CatchLife Program Background

Learn more about the SAI CatchLife program.


Contact CatchLife Director Rick Schupbach