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SAI CatchLife 30-day Challenge—Improve your overall health and well-being

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  • Join SAI colleagues in the program for regular encouragement and support and friendly competition.
  • Focus on your social-emotional health and physical well-being with this program.
  • Make small, manageable changes in your health and well-being using the program’s five focus areas of
  1. hydration,
  2. physical activity,
  3. nutrition,
  4. leadership, and
  5. sleep 

SAI provides CatchLife at no cost to members. During these challenging times, it is more important than ever to invest in yourself, so you can better invest in others. The SAI CatchLife 30-day Challenge will empower you with the daily goals and skills needed to do just that. Join us today.

Program Specifics - No fitness tracker required!
• Daily text messages serve as a health check-in can be completed in five minutes or fewer. 
• Five focus areas are tracked each week of the challenge. 
• Community forum to support yourself and other participants, and a daily leaderboard for accountability and friendly competition. 
• Video library to revisit videos shared during the challenge. 
• Daily summary reports indicating which area(s) need immediate attention according to your daily responses. 
• Concluding summary report to highlight specific area(s) to address to have the best impact on your health moving forward. 

Goals of SAI CatchLife
• Improve your overall health and well-being by providing tools, strategies and guidance targeting the components of a healthy lifestyle.
• Promote networking in pursuit of improving your overall health and well-being by providing both personalized and team-based supports.
• Increase your productivity by promoting healthier practices.

See results
The World Health Organization Well-Being Index questionnaire was given to all 1,400 participants before and after the 30-Day Challenge with the results showing an overall 22% improvement. 

Additionally, Challenge participants were asked how frequently they met the CatchLife daily goals prior to program participation and which was then compared with their actual 30-Day Challenge data. Overall improvement participants made in reaching the daily goals during the challenge was 31.9%. Goal attainment for the five focus areas improved accordingly:

Percentage increase in goals met

  • Sleep 24.3%
  • Water intake 32.2%
  • Fruit and vegetable consumption 31.5% and 31.9% respectively
  • Limiting dessert 36.7%
  • Physical activity 21.5%
  • Social-emotional health 45%

Results from the CatchLife 30-Day Challenge, 1.0 and 2.0

SAI CatchLife Program Background and Testimonials

Learn more about the SAI CatchLife program

Today more than ever it's essential that we prioritize our health and wellbeing. The statistics about educator burnout are not only startling to read but frightening. SAI offered CatchLife at the right time for me. The program helped me be intentional about my physical and mental health. It not only helped me to focus on things that matter but be a model for my staff.

I appreciate the quick, daily messages and have printed off the leadership skills to reflect on in the morning. It helps set my day up for success. We can't take care of others if we don't take care of ourselves.

~ Sarah Seney, elementary principal, Grinnell-Newburg

Still unsure about signing up?

Contact CatchLife Director Rick Schupbach with any questions you might have; he's eager to talk with you!