Mission - “Helping administrators find their leadership-life fit”

Program Goals

  • Improve overall health and well-being of school administrators by providing tools, strategies and guidance targeting the components of a healthy leadership-life fit.
  • Promote networking among Iowa administrators in pursuit of the shared purpose of improving their overall health and well-being by providing both a personalized and team-based approach to support.
  • Increase the efficacy, productivity, and creativity of Iowa administrators by promoting healthier habits and practices.
  • Replace ineffective, unhealthy habits with new, effective behaviors for a lifetime of healthy living.

CatchLife Program Options

There are two different CatchLife programs from which members may select. Read the descriptions below.

CatchLife 30-day Challenge—Improve your overall health and well-being

It’s time to CatchLife together! If you’re looking for an easy-to-use 30-day on-ramp to better health and fitness, this challenge is for you. SAI CatchLife will help build a solid foundation of wellness habits while providing a positive culture of support. The 30-day challenge beginning with three prep days starting January 1 and the challenge beginning January 4 will also provide you with self-care tools to manage stressors and refuel your energy for leadership, family and life. 

Using videos, habit building, accountability tracking, reflective questions and friendly competition, CatchLife offers everything you need to transform your health and wellness by making small, manageable changes. The program features daily health check-ins that can be completed in five minutes or fewer and don’t require a fitness tracker. There are five focus areas:

  1. hydration,
  2. physical activity,
  3. nutrition,
  4. leadership and
  5. sleep. 

Program Specifics
• Daily text messages serve as a health check-in. 
• Five focus areas are tracked each week of the challenge. 
• Community forum to support yourself and other participants, and a daily leaderboard for accountability and friendly competition. 
• Video library to revisit videos shared during the challenge. 
• Daily summary reports indicating which area(s) need immediate attention according to your daily responses. 
• Concluding summary report to highlight specific area(s) to address to have the best impact on your health moving forward. 

Goals of SAI CatchLife
• Improve your overall health and well-being by providing tools, strategies and guidance targeting the components of a healthy lifestyle.
• Promote networking in pursuit of improving your overall health and well-being by providing both personalized and team-based supports.
• Increase your productivity by promoting healthier practices.

SAI provides this program at no cost to members. During these challenging times, it is more important than ever to invest in yourself, so you can better invest in others. The SAI CatchLife 30-day Challenge will empower you with the daily goals and skills needed to do just that. Join us today.

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Hear from colleagues who have participated:

Last fall the Atlantic Administrative Team participated in the CatchLife 30-Day Challenge. All members of the team experienced positive results and were impressed with the simplicity of the program. The team felt it was such a positive experience we got buy-in from staff and offered the 30-Day Challenge to all of our staff. We had about 50% participation and heard many examples of improved self-care. This experience has springboarded Atlantic Community Schools to look at ways we can be intentional about taking care of ourselves knowing full well that this will provide a better experience for our students. Thank you SAI and Catchlife for providing us this opportunity. The 30-Day Challenge is simple and makes a difference.

~ Steve Barber, Atlantic superintendent

CatchLife has energized our team! It's not unusual to see teams of teachers, staff and associates walking the school halls after school, working out in the fitness center, or sharing stories of support on the easy-to-use app. The teams are reporting more energy, increased awareness of healthy choices, and overall happiness. We are by no means where we want to be, but we are closer than where we were. When I hear things like "Coach S ate carrots for his team!" or see that Team U posted a picture of themselves walking and talking—it makes the craziness of our work that much more manageable. We have found a common approach to being better together and I am appreciative of that-—for our students and for each other.

~ Sharon Dentlinger, I-35 superintendent

The SAI Catch Life program has been a positive for the CCA administrative team as a group and me personally. As a team, it has helped us to better support one another in making healthy choices. Personally, I have lost about 45 pounds since the initial CatchLIfe initiative and have been able to lower my blood pressure to an acceptable level and maintain it there. The focus on keeping ourselves healthy and positive keeps us functioning at a high level personally and as a team. Thanks to Roark, Rick, and SAI for supporting this important work!

~ Tim Kuehl, Clear Creek Amana superintendent

I was hesitant to join the CatchLife 30-day Challenge. It was not about seeing value in the program, but knowing I may not be successful. The 30-day program was exactly what I needed. I am drinking more water now than ever before in my life and less pop. I also eat more fruits and vegetables. The changes I made in the 30-day program have become habits now. I feel better which translates to being able to function at a higher level for our system. I would encourage others to take the 30-day Challenge.  

~ Lisa Remy, West Des Moines superintendent

CatchLife 16-week Challenge

This program consists of an individual and team challenge. Feedback will be provided every week by CatchLife Director Rick Schupbach for each individual participant and each team. Weekly reports will be sent to highlight individual and team successes. It is important to take time to support and CELEBRATE successes and this is done by recognizing individuals who achieve 7/7 days at 100 percent of the daily activity goals or who have zero inactivity stamps for the week. We also recognize the top 10 individuals in the state who have the most training time in the appropriate heart rate zone. In addition, the top 10 teams in each goal area are recognized and an overall state team champion is crowned weekly. See links below for sample reports.

Cost: Participants use Polar fitness tracker ($139.93)

Areas of focus:

  • Weekly individual feedback/team feedback/state team competition report
  • 100% daily activity goal
  • Inactivity stamps
  • Training length
  • Training Intensity
  • Sleep

Sample Team Document

Sample Weekly Team State Report

Sample Individual State Report

Dates: February 1 - May 23, 2021

Duration: 16 weeks

Number of participants: First 20 local/regional administrative teams of 3 -10 members to sign up

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Here's what participants have to say:

CatchLife has been an incredible gift to our team. We are more intentional about making healthy choices and encouraging one another to achieve goals. Understanding each other's personal health goals gave us a deeper level of trust, which allowed us to grow together both professionally and personally.

~ Tara Estep, principal, Cedar Falls Elementary School

CatchLife is far more than a fitness program. CatchLife can be the catalyst your team has been looking for to grow personally and professionally. At Pella, we were able to improve our fitness, and more importantly, we were able to establish much stronger relationships with each other. We plan to continue as an administrative team as well as expand to our entire staff.

~ Josh Manning, principal, Pella Middle School

I could go on for hours about how the CatchLife program has impacted me. Most importantly, I learned I must take time for me because the happier and healthier I am the better I will be for the people I serve. I have loved having a team behind me because it reminds me I am not alone on this journey.

~ Cathy DeBondt, principal, East Marshall Elementary School

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SAI CatchLife Program Background

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