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A 24-week program (February 5 - July 22, 2018)


“Helping administrators find their leadership-life fit”

Program Goals

  • Improve overall health and well-being of school administrators by providing tools, strategies, and guidance targeting the components of a healthy leadership-life fit.
  • Promote networking among Iowa administrators in pursuit of the shared purpose of improving their overall health and well-being by providing both a personalized and team-based approach to support.
  • Increase the efficacy, productivity, and creativity of Iowa administrators by promoting healthier habits and practices.
  • Replace ineffective, unhealthy habits with new, effective behaviors for a lifetime of healthy living.


  • 80 percent of adults don’t get enough activity/ only 3 percent are considered “fit”
  • Low fitness is the strongest predictor of death
  • Lifestyle accounts for 85 percent of the risk of having a chronic disease.
  • Physical inactivity costs $150 billion a year/ 15 percent of all health costs
  • Iowa is the 12th most obese state in the United States.

How to get involved

Level 1 Participation
Any Iowa administrators may begin/continue their own personal “SAI CatchLife” journey. New Level 1 participants will pay a one-time fee and will receive a Polar A370 tracker (Retail price of $200) and a two-hour A370 webinar conducted by George Centeio, manager of Training and Education for Polar Electro. A url will be made available for participants to review the A370 training online. In addition, further ongoing support will be available by SAI CatchLife Director, Rick Schupbach.

Level 2 Participation
2016 participants may choose to continue the journey by getting a few other local administrators to join them on their wellness journey and serve as a lifeline/coach for these individuals/teams. The SAI Office will track administrators participating at Level 2 so we have a statewide barometer.

Level 3 Participation
SAI is actively seeking 2017 SAI CatchLife coaches who will create teams of 5-7 members to support each other on their SAI CatchLife journey. Coaches can expect to spend a half hour to 1 hour each week on their role as coach. Coaches will be supported and have feedback provided by a Team Leader (Rick Schupbach or John Stevens) during your 24-week commitment.

The cost to a new participant is $140 (Polar A370 Fitness Tracker included).

Level 1 and Level 2 participants 
Sign up using this form

Do you want to coach at Level 3?
Learn more and sign up yourself and your team here. A limited number of teams may participate during this timeframe, offered on a first-come, first-served basis.


As your professional association, the team here at SAI is committed to doing whatever we can to help you overcome the stress of the great responsibility and challenges that you face. Because you are leaders, your natural tendency is to put others first and yourself last in your approach to your work. For brief bursts of time this can be very effective for both you and those you serve. Left unchecked over time, it can cause disastrous consequences to your personal health and well being. Once that happens, you find yourself unable to help others, creating a downward spiral that is almost impossible to pull out of, and the effectiveness you can have as a leader is greatly diminished, if not compromised altogether.

Your SAI team has been working with our partners at SAI CatchLife to develop programming that will help you reverse this trend! Throughout the spring and summer of 2016 a cohort group of your colleagues has been piloting this program and helping figure out how to maximize its use. Because we can lead best when we feel our best, the foundation of this program focuses on helping you obtain a fitness level that will give you the energy to meet the demands of your work. As you come to focus on your own personal health needs and improve your fitness level, your stress level will naturally drop, positioning you to be an even better leader for those you serve. SAI will even provide a ‘teaming’ aspect for you if you would like to work with others, encourage them, and have them encourage you.

We hope you will consider participating in this SAI initiative. Those who have participated fully in it so far have raved about the positive effect it is having in their work and in their lives.

~ Roark Horn, SAI executive director

“The SAI CatchLife initiative has helped me "get back" to feeling good about myself. I am able to create routines that help me exercise and sleep better. I look forward to continuing my journey with SAI CatchLife!”

~ Larry Achenbach, Albia Elementary principal

“As administrators, we focus on collecting and analyzing data with our work every day — around student achievement, culture, finances, etc. — so the opportunity to use data within the SAI CatchLife Initiative to help drive my decisions about health and wellness made total sense! I’ve appreciated the resources, the support, the coaching, the data and (especially) the people involved with the process as it has made a difference in my life.”

~ Mary Jo Hainstock, Vinton-Shellsburg superintendent

“Coaching as part of SAI CatchLife has been my greatest accountability partner. Not only do I feel more accountable to myself and my own goals, but also to our team and our goals as well. This process has motivated me to live a more active lifestyle for myself, my family and also for my team.

I’ve been inspired by cheering on my teammates as they continuously reach their goals. I have found they are busy professionals just like me, but have found a way to make time for their health and wellness, thus forcing me to eliminate the “I’m too busy” excuse from my daily regimen. They have become great role models.

Coaching is just as much for the coach, as it is for the participants; an investment certainly worth making.”

~ Kim Tierney, Maple Grove Elementary principal, Waukee Community Schools

Your SAI CatchLife Team

Learn more about SAI CatchLife director and team leader, Rick Schupbach and SAI CatchLife Committee chair and team leader, John Stevens.


Contact CatchLife Director Rick Schupbach