Don't miss out on SAI's new 30-day wellness challenge beginning February 15.

The SAI CatchLife30 Challenge will provide you with the self-care tools to manage stressors and refuel energy for  work, family and life.

How it works

Using videos, habit-building, accountability racking, reflective questions and friendly competition, the CatchLife30 Challenge offers everything you need to transform your health and wellness by making small, manageable changes.

All communication will occur via daily text/email messages.

CatchLife30 features daily health check-ins that can be completed in five minutes or fewer and don't require a fitness tracker. There are five focus areas:

  • hydration
  • physical activity
  • nutrition
  • social-emotional health
  • sleep

How do I register?

Registration begins January 30.

Simply go to and use access code SAI. Register as a first-time user regardless of whether you've participated in the past.

Deadline for the challenge sign-up is February 14.

The challenge begins February 15. Note: A minimum number of participants is required to hold a Challenge.