January 2014 Middle Level and Secondary Principal Statewide Meeting

Meeting PowerPoint

Access the slides that were used during the event.

Learning Community:

Table teams engaged in deep and thoughtful conversations regarding best practices in RtI/MTSS. Please be sure to send any resources you mentioned or shared to us and we will post them here!

Creating Conditions for Effective Teacher Leadership:

We engaged in activities examining the conditions that support effective teacher leadership including a self- reflection of our skill set relative to that. The resources are available below in addition to a tool to support teacher leaders' self-assessment!

Legal Vortex:

Matt facilitated discussion regarding the points of law presented by two scenarios, which are available here.

Best Hiring Practices: 

Carol Seid, assistant superintendent for Human Resources at West Des Moines, shared strategies and insights for ensuring you hire the best candidates. 

Leadership-life Fit:

We created a visual representation of our current leadership-life fit as compared to our preferred leadership-life fit using a wheel of life model.