Secondary Principal of the Year Award 

General Criteria

1.  The individual should have been a practicing secondary principal for at least five years (includes experience as associate/assistant principal). (Secondary principal is generally defined as having primary supervisory responsibilities for any combination of grades 7-12.)

2.  The individual should be currently serving as a secondary principal in a building where a commitment to excellence is clearly evident; i.e., to be nominated as a 2019 Secondary Principal of the Year, the individual must be a secondary principal for the 2018-19 school year.

3.  There should be evidence of outstanding contributions to the well-being of the educational community including:

  • Ways in which curriculum, staff morale, community support, student interest, and the learning environment have benefited from this individual’s leadership.
  • Ways in which the individual provides creative leadership in inspiring and motivating teachers and others to achieve and contribute to the school environment.

4.  The individual should show a strong commitment to the principalship by active participation in professional activities. (Membership in SAI and NASSP are prerequisites for this award.)

5.  There should be evidence that the principal is respected by his/her students, colleagues, and the community at large.

6.  The individual should show strong educational leadership and operate orderly and purposeful schools, having set high expectations for school staff and students.

NOTE: No current SAI Executive Committee member (president, president-elect, vice president or past president), NASSP board member or NASSP state coordinator is eligible for this award.