Assistant and Associate Principals and Deans September 2013 Statewide Mentoring Follow up and Follow through

PowerPoint for the Event (referenced several times below)

Learning Community - Setting Goals:

We engaged in a Success Analysis Protocol to share tools and resources participants use for setting goals. We shared two articles, one of which we are unable to post due to copyright, that provide information for setting goals and objectives at the classroom level. Access Designing & Teaching Learning Goals & Objectives

Assistant Principal as Instructional Leader:

The PowerPoint (linked at top of page) and handouts to facilitate reflection on the duties and responsibilities of the AP are provided. You can link to the article by Rebecca Good that we read, which identifies 10 practices to help assistant principals develop their instructional leadership skills.

Working Productively with Difficult Staff:

Eller and Eller share strategies for working most successfully with staff in their article published in the September/October 2012 issue of Principal linked here.  The PowerPoint (linked at top of page) offers additional tips and scenarios are available for you to process and apply strategies.

Panel Discussion: Strategies for Involving Parents:

Several experienced colleagues shared their strategies for engaging parents in the learning journey of their students.

Legal Vortex:

SAI Legal Services Director Matt Carver facilitated discussion regarding the points of law presented by two scenarios, which are available here.

Leadership-Life Fit:

Cast out the notion of work-life balance and seek a fit that's right for you! Please check in with each other to offer support in your efforts to find and maintain the right leadership-life fit!

  • How have you scheduled yourself this week?
  • What have you delegated?
  • What systems for efficiency have you established?