September Superintendent Mentoring Meeting Follow up and Follow through

Event PowerPoint

Panel Discussion: Working Effectively with the Board:

Several experienced colleagues shared their strategies for working effectively with the board. Find two articles here to help continue your conversations about working effectively with the board:

1. The Effective School Board 
2. Eight Characteristics of Effective School Boards: At a Glance

The Do’s and Don’ts of Instructional Leadership: The Role of Superintendent

We engaged in identifying priorities for our own instructional leadership after Steve Westerberg shared his insights after three years as a superintendent. You can access his Do's and Don'ts document here! Remember to include updates around your instructional priority in your monthly conversations with your mentor.

Legal Vortex:

Matt facilitated discussion regarding the points of law presented by two scenarios, which are available here.

Open Forum:

We utilized a padlet site to generate items we want to keep on our radar. We prioritized the Teacher Leadership System (TLS) for our conversation and will continue to keep this at the forefront. You can see other topics at this URL. We encourage you to continue to process these issues in your mentoring partnership. Note you can access additional information regarding the TLS at the DE website,  and SAI is offering a learning opportunity specific to TLS on Oct. 24 that may be of interest.

Engaging in Critical Conversations:

We did not have time to address this topic at our meeting; however, the key ideas are presented in the PowerPoint from the day and supporting handouts regarding one example of a structured conversation and a set of scenarios for you to apply the process are also available.

Leadership-Life Fit:

Cast out the notion of work-life balance and seek a fit that's right for you! Please check in with each other to offer support in your efforts to find and maintain the right leadership-life fit!

  • How have you scheduled yourself this week?
  • What have you delegated?
  • What systems for efficiency have you established?

September/October Monthly Checklist:

Take some time to review this general checklist to help you manage your responsibilities.