Contact SAI staff at 515-267-1115 or by using the emails links below:

Executive Director - Dr. Lisa Remy

  • Serves as chief executive officer for the association
  • Sits on Executive Committee and Representative Council as ex-officio, non-voting member
  • Acts as liaison to AASA, NAESP, NASSP
  • ​Serves as SAI spokesperson

Communications Director - Tracy Harms

  • Edits SAI Report monthly newsletter
  • Directs external communications, including website and social media
  • Coordinates Administrator of the Year program
  • Provides technology support

Finance DirectorDebbie Wrenn

  • Oversees association finance
  • Handles all aspects of membership
  • Processes event registrations
  • Issues relicensure credit transcripts

Government Relations Director - Dave Daughton

  • Lobbies the General Assembly and other entities on behalf of the association
  • Communicates with membership on legislative issues
  • ​Collaborates with education organizations and other state and national agencies
  • Speaks at District Meetings and other SAI events

Legal Services Director - Matt Carver, J.D.

  • Serves as the association’s legal officer
  • ​Provides legal guidance to SAI members
  • Speaks at Annual Conference, Legal Labs and District Meetings
  • Represents SAI on the IPERS Benefits Advisory Committee

Professional Learning Director - Dr. Dana Schon

  • Coordinates and oversees all aspects of the association’s professional learning
  • ​Develops and oversees Mentoring & Induction program
  • Conducts professional learning workshops and speaks at District Meetings
  • Leads stakeholder group preparing for implementation of new Standards for School Leaders

Administrative Assistant - Jennifer Barry

  • Manages Annual Conference exhibits
  • Supports Executive Committee and Representative Council
  • Supports Legislative Committee
  • Serves as first contact for members and guests

Program Coordinator - Amy Swanson

  • Assists with the coordination of Mentoring & Induction Program
  • Assists with the oversight and planning of professional learning opportunities
  • Supports District Meetings
  • Supports Executive Leaders
  • Oversees association facilities