Superintendent Statewide Mentoring Follow up and Follow through

Grounding Activity: What is the single most important thing the superintendent can do to increase student achievement? 

Summary of the group’s input

Teachers' Expectations Can Influence How Students Perform

High expectations were part of our conversation throughout the day. Use this link to a Public Radio broadcast regarding high expectations that you may find valuable. The audio is just over 8 minutes, and the brief article provides concrete ways for teachers to increase expectations—very much worth your time to read!!

Building Board Relationships:

Craig Menozzi, superintendent of Southeast Polk Schools, shared insights and anecdotes to support our work in building a positive working relationship with the board. 

Instructional Leadership: Identifying high points of leverage in increasing student achievement:

Following are the resources to support you in reviewing the work of John Hattie. I will be summarizing the points of leverage from the activity so that you can have a quick reference should you elect to repeat this activity. Thanks for the great conversation around this work!!

Legal Vortex

Matt Carver offered advice regarding the most recent legal questions in his presentation.

Open Forum

We engaged in a protocol to support framing a dilemma for purposes of consultancy. The PowerPoint is here and this is the website with the many protocols you may find useful in building the capacity of your learning teams.

Engaging in Critical Conversations

Here's a link to a PowerPoint to provide some context for a structured conversation. Not every element identified is necessary in every conversation, but the framework provides some ideas for you to consider as you engage in those conversations. Additionally, you will find scenarios for you to process in your mentor/mentee partnership.

Leadership-Life Fit

Here's the presentation. Please check in with each other to offer support in your efforts to find and maintain your individual leadership-life fit!

  •  What down time have you scheduled this week?
  •  What energy-zapper have you stopped doing?