Superintendent's Role

Education: A master’s degree plus 30 hours of graduate work in administration is the minimum requirement. Any additional graduate or doctorate work is desirable as well.

Typical Responsibilities:

  • Design system improvement strategies.
  • Stay current on educational research.
  • Design, implement incentive structures for schools, principals, and teachers.
  • Recruit and evaluate principals/district administrative staff.
  • Provide professional development consistent with improvement strategy.
  • Allocate system resources toward instruction.
  • Buffer non-instructional issues from principals, teachers.
  • Serve as executive officer and advisor to the board of education.
  • Coordinate board agenda and board reports.
  • Lead and direct district operations.
  • Observe and evaluate district activities and ongoing programs.
  • Make final recommendations regarding all personnel to the board.
  • Develop annual goals and progress reports.
  • Oversee planning for future sites and building programs.
  • Interpret school programs to parents, community organizations and the media.

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