January 2014 Superintendent Statewide Mentoring Meeting

Meeting PowerPoint

Access the slides that were used during the event.

Grounding Activity - How have you grown in addressing the instructional leadership priority you set in September?:

To activate our background knowledge, we read an article regarding teaching your principal. Table teams then discussed their efforts to address the instructional leadership priority established in September. 


Three of our colleagues shared their processes for collective bargaining, which led to rich conversations and thoughtful questions about negotiating and its implications. The handouts that were shared are also available here:

Promoting the Learning of the Organization:

We accessed the Standards for Professional Learning and discussed the implication of these standards for our work with our staff, teacher leaders, and administrative team. We also revisited the Iowa Professional Development Model. Additionally, we reflected on the degree of implementation of the components of the IPDM in our own districts. 

Ignite Segment:

In a new format, we used the site to generate (ignite) topics of interest/issue for us. Next, we prioritized the top 3 topics for focused conversation. We brainstormed the questions/comments we have regarding each of the 3 topics and then moved to the designated area of the room to engage in the specific topic of interest to each of us. Conversations focused on teacher leadership and compensation, budgeting, and calendars (days v. hours. v. alternate schedules). Great collaboration!

Leadership-life Fit:

We created a visual representation of our current leadership-life fit as compared to our preferred leadership-life fit using a wheel of life model.