Superintendents' Mentoring Matters: November

We are excited to provide you this new superintendents’ Mentoring Matters Web page with a multitude of resources intended to target a variety of topics and needs. Collaborate with your mentor/mentee to process the resources that readily speak to the situations and issues most relevant to your current work. 

Leadership-life Fit:

Email can steal valuable time from us and contribute to a less than ideal leadership-life fit. Check out these strategies to help you manage your email and increase your leadership-life fitness level! 

Learning Community:

In the upcoming months, the intent for this segment is to cultivate our online community by collaborating around effective, successful executive leadership practices in action across the state. The format will include a brief podcast/video in which an executive leader describes and explains the practice and shares the evidence of its success, followed by an opportunity to discuss and process the practice via a Google Hangout or Twitter chat. (Don’t worry if you don’t Hangout or Tweet yet; we have no prerequisites for learning!)

We need your help in contributing to our learning community by volunteering to share a practice you have implemented with high levels of success or by recommending the practice of a colleague.

Please email your recommendations to

Working with Your Administrative Team

Has your message ever been distorted in its transmission? Have you left administrative meetings only to return the next month wondering what had really changed? In this article from the AASA School Administrator, John Walker, superintendent of Amherst County Public Schools in central Virginia, shares his Principal’s Checklist strategy for ensuring school leaders receive the same message, adopt the appropriate focus and follow through, and engage in sustained communication on priority issues.

Link to the article.

Building Positive Board Relationships

Looking for “tricks of the trade” to help you cultivate positive relations with your board? The Michigan Association of School Administrators has compiled this list of the best practices submitted by its members. Through conversation around these ideas with your mentor, you will likely have more to add!