UNthink Introduction

Reading Work

Read the introduction. 

Processing Work

Wahl opens with a reflection on his story. What is your "bigger canvas"? What is your story? Spend some time reflecting on and writing about yourself as a young child.  

  • What was your elementary school experience like? 
  • What did you do when you weren't in school? 
  • How did those experiences shape you? 
  • How did your middle and high school experiences shape you? 
  • What were some turning points in your life? 
  • Why teaching? Why administration? 

After you have captured your story, ask someone who knew you as a child and/or was part of your life as you grew up what he/she remembers about you. How does this other person's memories of you reconcile with your own memories of yourself?

What do you miss about your youthful you? What, if you were to bring it into your adulthood, could enhance your leadership?

UNthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius