UNthink Now (who you are)

Reading Work

Read pages 43-54.

Processing Work

To process this section, you will use a double-entry reflection journal. This strategy invites the reader to identify text selections he/she finds important and to comment on them. When we meet, you will have opportunity to reflect on each other's quotes and reflections.

  • Select 3-4 quotes from the chapter that resonate strongly with you. 
  • Click on the "Double Entry Reflective Journal" link below.
  • Click on your respective tab.
  • Type each of the 3-4 quotes into one of the green boxes in column A.
  • Include the page number in column B.
  • In column C, reflect on the insights, comments, and/or questions the quote sparked.
  • We will populate column D during our time together.

Double Entry Reflective Journal

Note for the Facilitator

Personalizing the Double-entry Google Sheet:

• Open the spreadsheet link above. 

• Under the File tab at the top of the page, select 'Make a copy...'

• Rename your copy. 

• Click 'Share' and give editing privileges to participants in your book study or to anyone with the link, whichever you prefer.

• Assign each participant a number or replace the sheet labels with names of your book study participants. (Note if you have more than 10 participants, you will need to copy a sheet and rename it 'Participant #11', etc.).